Saturday Seed 123 (A Time of War)

This week’s seed is for A Time of War in celebration of the release of the A Time of War Companion. The Casting Shadows blog offers Saturday Seeds and campaign starters every Saturday (go figure…). Seeds from the blog also appear on Ancient Scroll. The seed This seed could serve as the basis of a … Continue reading

Saturday Seed 122 (Outbreak: Undead)

This week’s seed is for Outbreak: Undead. I am not that into zombies as a pervasive source of entertainment, but I think how this game was put together stands apart from the rest…swaying a bit… before rushing you and tearing your face off with its teeth. The Casting Shadows blog offers Saturday Seeds and campaign … Continue reading

Running A Time of War – again/still

It has been ages since I posted about my Mechwarrior campaign. There has been a lot to say, some of which ended up in Shadowscasts 6 and 7, but there has been a lack of time to do much more than that. To  make a long story short, we put the campaign on Indefinite Hiatus. … Continue reading

Shadowscast Episode7

The latest episode of Shadowscast lacks guest stars, open-ended questions, gloom, and pre-cursors to massive flooding. Sorry~ What it does have are three segments, and those segments focus on Korea as a game setting, restarting a campaign you have put on hiatus, and a short actual play clip of Leviathans. Sharp-eyed observers will note it … Continue reading

Saturday Seed 121 (Call of Cthulhu)

This week we have another seed for Call of Cthulhu, although it would be quite easy to have this idea coil its way around a vague prequel for CthulhuTech, or even wander out into the realms of Rapture or Eclipse Phase with a little push or pinch here and there. The Casting Shadows blog offers … Continue reading

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