Serial Setting 2 ~ Introduction

The Casting Shadows blog will be launching its second Serial Setting next week. After much debate, it has been decided to once again focus on Hollow Earth Expedition, but the location will be a semi-fictional town in Korea in 1936, conveniently filled with strange mysteries, patriots and revolutionaries, cruel oppressors, lost treasures, and doorways to adventures beyond the ken of lesser folk.

Designed to provide a stable launching point for adventure that your characters can return to again and again, this foray into fictional history in Korea will touch on primary themes from the country’s extensive history. To accomplish this, it will provide a coastal setting reachable with skill and difficulty by sea, air, or land, and a cast of characters and connected plot threads which can speak to players and characters alike on a primal level.

This setting will appear in weekly installments over the course of 6 months and will present NPC and interlinking plot ideas suitable for a campaign that touches on heroism in this dark period of Korean history, exploration and treasure hunting, and struggles over the arcane mysteries of the Hollow Earth. Each installment will detail a point of interest in the town, a primary NPC associated with that place, and the rumours and information you can use to spark your own ideas to hook the interest of your players.

Look for it starting Next Week!

4 Responses to “Serial Setting 2 ~ Introduction”
  1. Thanks for the link.

    Lookingforward to the Korea stuff, but could you maybe intersperse so e wider Korea-ranged stuff as well? Could be handy for those who like to do the world hopping bit.

  2. Burningdonut says:

    Interesting, as I am Korean.

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