Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2- Turn 2b/3a

Turn 2 of the second Battletech Lunchtime Challenge ended with a quartet of misses from the Atlas’ medium lasers sparing the certain  Hermes from certain death.

Divide and Splatter

Turn 3 opened with the attackers losing initiative and having to expose themselves either to great personal risk, or the risk of forfeiting any chance to stop the rampaging assault mech’s plunge toward escape.

Now we await the movement of the Atlas as well as what sort of devastation it will choose to unleash. Both mechs are in prime territory for massive reprisal, with only their movement and luck to protect them.

As always, please feel free to comment on what you would have done instead, had you been running either side (or both) in this engagement. One of the primary reasons for running this segment on this blog is to get into some discussions of how the game is played, partly to engage in healthy debate, and partly to open up new windows into how the game can be approached and thereby inform roleplaying choices when creating new characters for A Time of War.

The next clip will include the movement of the Atlas, and its declaration of fire, followed by the declaration of fire for the attackers, resolution of all fire, and initiative for turn 4.  This turn could very well end one of the attackers for good.






Turn 2B and Turn 3a

Stay tuned!
7 Responses to “Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2- Turn 2b/3a”
  1. Gillbertto Mussolini says:

    Such a brave little hermes, running into short range. I didn’t think anything would keep the Atlas pilot from heading back to punch his CO in the mouth, but this is going to do it. Well played, Hermes… Well played.

    I hope your sacrifice will be remembered 🙂

    I have no declaration of movement, and will pre-declare fire with a torso twist toward the hermes and firing:

    Medium Laser
    Medium Laser
    Medium Laser
    Medium Laser

  2. faraday77 says:

    This is going to hurt. 😉

  3. Gillbertto Mussolini says:

    And so I just read through the backlog of posts, as well as The Internets and it appears I was confused about the configuration of the AS7-D with respect to it’s rear-facing medium lasers. To that end, I would like to amend my firing orders to remove two of the medium lasers from firing at the hermes. If the jenner is in the atlas’ rear firing arc after the torso twist, I’d like to fire at him.

    With my apologies

    • Runeslinger says:

      No need to apologize ~ I thought you were just expecting to run the Atlas the old way (4 forward) and have been operating as if that were the case. That all four face forward was established for certain last turn.

      Have at the Hermes, my good man. Shall we take bets on how many of these shots miss?

      • Gillbertto Mussolini says:

        In that case, all four at the hermes! I am putting my money on disappointment; something that rarely disappoints.

  4. Gillbertto Mussolini says:

    In terms of tactical decisions, the choice of the Hermes is all about range – short range is short range. it’s within the minimum range of the LRM, so I didn’t want to waste the ammo. . Not much else went into that decision, really. Maybe I’ll be more verbose next round, dancing in the flaming wreckage of the hermes 😉

    SO, oh gracious host, why did you move the mechs where they are? What do you FEEL?

    • Runeslinger says:

      I feel cheated that I don’t have a Long Tom and air support.

      Actually, it came down to movement rates, vulnerable areas on the Atlas, poor piloting skills, and the terrain. Eventually, I knew I would need to use one of the mechs as bait, and apparently eventually means three turns into the scenario. I was hoping you would at least Walk somewhere, but was pretty much expecting you to stand and go for a Hermepocalypse. I didn’t intend bait to equal sacrifice, but… that’s the way the armor crumbles. That’s why we have ejection systems.

      I didn’t have time to set the board up at lunch yesterday, so I will get the clip out today. Sorry for the delay.

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