Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 1: End of Turn 5

Turn 5 of the challenge was full of sound and fury, but the question of what it might signify has yet to be resolved.  The Rented Swords further reduced the armour on the Panther, but other efforts toward the Dervish went mostly unrewarded. The Regular Irregulars turned their fire on the stationary Quickdraw, but made only two hits in a major barrage of fire.

The Regular Irregulars announced only one other action – dumping the ammunition from the Grasshopper’s LRM5. What does that signify?

Initiative for Turn 5 unbelievably resulted in another Rented Swords win, so the Regular Irregulars’ offensive options were limited. The lance regrouped in the woods near the edge of the map. It looks like their escape with the captured pilot is well underway. Is there any way for the Rented Swords to capture the victory now?

Will the mayhem I predicted for Turn 5 manifest in Turn 6?

Is that Sherwood Forest?

Lunchtime Challenge

Rented Swords Movement

Resolving the Turn

Stay Tuned for Turn 6!

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