Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 1: End of Turn 4

Turn 4 of the challenge has been resolved with the Rented Swords scoring a significant critical hit on the Clint’s Right Leg Hip Actuator, and further decreasing the limited armour on the diminutive Panther. The previous round’s concentrated fire on the Commando paid off for the Regular Irregulars, however, as they managed to score a critical of their own on that mech’s Right Torso SRM Ammo Bin, destroying the mech outright.  The rest of the turn’s primarily missed fire was pretty unremarkable due to the high movement and terrain modifiers.

The Rented Swords began scanning for the lost pilot in earnest during this Turn, however, the Grasshopper used its Turn to stoop and pick something off of the ground near the wreckage of the Atlas. The Regular Irregulars Lance have scanned the area and its surrounding hexes fairly thoroughly over the preceding turns.  Could they have found and now snatched the Atlas pilot? Will the game of offense suddenly switch to one of evasion and escape?

Initiative for Turn 4 once again resulted in the Rented Swords declaring movement second, so the Regular Irregulars were once forced to move the entire lance first for the 4th turn in a row. Each mech jumped its full movement, except for the crippled Clint, heading away from the Atlas.

Turn 4 - Boom

The smoke was as thick as napkins...

I think Turn 5 will see a lot more mayhem and desperate action.
Lunchtime Challenge

Rented Swords Movement


Resolving the Turn

Stay Tuned for Turn 5!

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