Serial Setting 1: Ubiquity ~ Week 2

This week we continue our look at the numerous access and egress points of the Windlet Islands, for the Ubiquity Game System and great games like Hollow Earth Expedition, and Daring Tales with:

2. The Airship Mooring Mast and Radiotelegraphy Centre, Mount Cairn, Greater Windlet Island

Not nearly as common a means of arrival as ship, or even plane, by several orders of magnitude, there are nevertheless complete facilities for airships on the summit of Greater Windlet Island’s tallest peak, known to locals as Mount Cairn. Everyone prefers to live under the delusion that the volcanic past of the island is a thing of the past. To be certain, no one alive on the Island today has any recollection of an eruption of any kind, nor does the lush, often impassable vegetation of the interior suggest any sort of lava flow has taken place in quite some time… of course, there is always tomorrow.

A far more common usage of the facility on the peak of Mount Cairn is for ship-to-shore communication, and control operations for the island’s few flying boats and other aircraft. The island does boast radio broadcasts for information and entertainment from the station, but the locals agree that the less said about those the better.

Access to the A&R Centre is by a narrow, corduroy road, fenced and with entry checked at both Windlet Settlement, and at the centre. This is one of several company-controlled roads through unpopulated areas or those areas believed to be impassable by the residents. Drivers tasked with cargo or passenger runs on these roads always complain about the terrible condition of the roads due to mud and the encroachment of the jungle, and regularly have wild stories to tell of predatory wildlife. Locals recognize that such controls are for their own safety. Most of those not employed by the Administrator’s varied enterprises  stick to the settlement, and the beaches.

New arrivals at the A&R Centre have their passports and other documents checked either by Reynard, or his assistant, Jorge Dillman if a large sea-going vessel is due on the same day. Passage on the road requires nothing more than registering with the gate guard so that patrols will know to look briefly for a body if there is a failure to return.

Usual Characters: Jorge Dillman

The arrivals and inspections operations of the pier are generally overseen by the island’s current golden gloves champ, and amateur mystery writer, Jorge Dillman. Born and raised in Iowa, he claims to have come to the islands to find his muse. If questioned further, he can be heard to claim that creativity thrives on misery and privation. He is known to get along well with most people, and to prefer to spend most of his off-hours alone. He is a good supervisor for the Centre’s crew of 8 laborers, and often has them working to improve the facility on the many days when nothing happens at all.  The centre is the official repository for most of the island’s business records and customs information, so much of Dillman’s time is spent filing and typing reports. 

Jorge is in his early thirties and stands well over six feet tall. He has unruly curly hair which he can never seem to keep short enough, and despite his many years in the island heat, still wears a tie to work.


Potentially heard over time at the Island Mission Church of God, or among the islands cargo loaders at the pier, airfield, or A&R Center

  • People believe he has not dated since his arrival
  • People believe he secretly publishes under another name, and is actually quite wealthy
  • Some wonder if he might be involved with the US Army
  • No one has seen him drunk, but he does enjoy a good beer… when there are bottles of ‘good’ beer in stock.
  • Dillman nearly killed a man in the ring last year. Locals exaggerate by saying the match the only time they saw him angry
  • Dillman used to wear glasses, but now does not
  • He has a huge scar on his leg that could only have come from a large animal
  • He never misses a church service


Stay tuned!


Coming Soon!

Usual Characters: Yukiko ‘Lilly’ Sasaki

If she were pretty, she might be the prettiest bus and cargo truck driver on the islands, but that distinction lies with Edgar Wilkes. Lilly, is a strong, intelligent, tenacious, and passionate woman, but the only thing pretty about her is her nickname. If she were a man, no one would care, and it might be that sort of inane human behaviour that sent the very strong-willed Japanese American into the nether reaches of civilization to drive a bus and produce clever art.

As there are never enough visitors to the island to justify a bus for more than one or two days each season, Lilly works shifts for most of the cargo importers and exporters on the island. She works hard, plans ahead, keeps the vehicles assigned to her in top shape, and arrives on time.

There is something about her attitude that puts Americans in mind of stagecoaches and underpaid guards and drivers who defended them from bandits and the perils of the wild west. Perhaps its the gun on her hip… perhaps its just the look in her eye.

Lilly is fairly short, but well-muscled, with good shoulders, a strong back, and even stronger legs. She has a few too many tattoos in all the wrong places, clearly done by artists even drunker than she must have been to have asked for such ugly things… creatures, strange symbols… compasses, and charts. Most newcomers would likely expect or prefer her to cover up, but she is fond of men’s undershirts with the sleeves rolled up, and shorts. Women.

She keeps her hair short, and her heavy watch wound. Her hands are scarred from too many scrapes and scratches under an engine, but she never lets herself acquire the grit and grease of her job. She likes to keep very clean. She has a proud nose, and very sharp eyes which miss nothing.

Rumours: Likely heard among other drivers, or loaders

  • She doesn’t like to talk about the scar above her right eye, but locals believe she got it in an argument with CB
  • Her art is very popular with the locals and visitors alike, especially the landscapes
  • Most believe she is on the run from a brutal husband
  • She can out drink any man on the island
  • She is probably the best poker player in the Pacific
  • What she doesn’t know about engines is significant, but her methodical nature pays off when doing repairs and maintenance
  • She once crippled a man for walking into her house both unbidden and with his shoes on
  • She built her house by herself


All will be revealed!



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