All for One: Regime Diabolique

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Swords, Taunts, Sorcery, & Treachery!

Although I haven’t read every word in the core book from Triple Ace Games, I can already tell that All for One is one of those games that I hope I get to play, rather than run: I really want to play a character in this setting!

This game, compellingly written by Paul ‘Wiggy’ Wade-Williams, is easy and entertaining to read (just ask the Duc de moutons) and evokes the light-hearted, devil-may-care atmosphere of Dumas, while cleverly throwing in the grim occult forces of Solomon Kane, and wrapping the package in the passionate social perils of Cyrano de Bergerac.

The setting is given system by Exile Game Studio’s Ubiquity, which strikes me as a healthy balance between the tried and true and innovation. The system is straightforward and should present no significant challenges to novices, and can be picked up very easily by experienced players. The style of task resolution lends itself to excitement (large handfuls of dice, plus enhanced player control of outcomes via the use of Style Points), but once that initial fun has worn off, can be run faster by using Exile’s take on auto successes for certain skill ratings (Taking the Average), or using their patented Ubiquity dice. I like dice, but as I am in Korea the cost of shipping not only made me decide against getting some, it made me laugh out loud. For me, they will have to wait.

The All for One core book contains all the rules needed to play and is intended to allow players to create musketeers, nobles, men of science or magic, and clergy, but is flexible enough to allow other options. The question which needs to be asked when you pick it up, and someone enquires about not playing a musketeer, is ‘Should we play this game?” As written, this is a game of swordsmanship, duty, and high adventure in a fictional France of the 1630’s… with monsters and magic. If that doesn’t capture your players’ imaginations, then spare yourself the effort of turning it into something else, and find out what does fire them up. You will all be happier for it. I say this not because the game cannot handle variation, I say it because if the players are not stirred by the basic concept presented by the game, then… they don’t want to play it. N’est ce pas?

The core book was released in June of 2010, and as of this writing 3 supplemental products have been produced: Richelieu’s Guide to Expanded Characters, Richelieu’s Guide to Wondrous Devices, and a module called Force Majeure. The speed with which these products are being produced, and the quality with which they are written, plus the excellent web presence of the author on internet fora, are impressive and refreshing.

On all fronts I found this book to be a pleasure, and quickly ordered the hardback (…and damn the shipping costs!). The art is simply cool, the character ideas I got just in my initial passes through the text are already making it nearly impossible to concentrate on the other games I am working on, and the tone is spot on. Of course, if I am not the target demographic, I do not know who could be so your mileage may vary. It shouldn’t vary, and if it does vary you are likely to be imprisoned forever, but I admit the possibility – however slim and repugnant – that it may.

Who will run this for me?

Free Downloads  and Information from Triple Ace Games: News

  1. All for One: Preview
  2. All for One: Paris Map
  3. All for One: Character Sheet

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5 Responses to “All for One: Regime Diabolique”
  1. Brian says:

    If you like the ubiquity system it’s used to run Hollow Earth Expedition, a pulp adventure game.

    • Runeslinger says:

      Yes~ I have HEX, but have yet to run it.
      All for One actually appeals to me more, so I am hoping to get to play it first, but… we’ll see. It’s a near thing, with All for One ahead by a sword tip.

  2. Runeslinger says:

    Update: Triple Ace Games continues to produce fantastic support for All for One: Regime Diabolique, and seem to have good, relevant releases coming at a steady rate.

    Available Products

    Core Book
    All for One: Régime Diabolique
    Page Count: 176
    Format: PDF / Hardcover

    All for One: Player’s Guide
    Page Count: 151
    Format: PDF

    Richelieu’s Guides to Expanded Characters
    Page Count: 12
    Format: PDF

    Richelieu’s Guide to Wondrous Devices
    Page Count: 6
    Format: PDF

    Richelieu’s Guide to Creatures of Sin
    Page Count: 12
    Format: PDF

    Adventure for Beginning Characters
    Force Majeure
    Page Count: 26
    Format: PDF

    Le Mousquetaire Déshonoré Part 1
    Page Count: 28
    Format: PDF

  3. Runeslinger says:

    Further update: FRP Games has Ubiquity dice at a good price, excellent customer service, reasonable shipping for international customers, and no hassle orders via Paypal.

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