Adjudication 1 ~ The Hand

~The Hand~

* link below not for young or sensitive viewers: graphic content

The Question:

How would you rule on a character losing their hand?

The Details:

  1. The removal of the hand may be voluntary, such as the character cutting it off as part of a sacrifice, test, self-preservation (Ash)*, spite (Ash), act of contrition or devotion, or whatever other motivation might lead a character to this sort of extreme act.
  2. The removal of the hand may be involuntary, such as the character being sentenced for a crime leading to amputation as a punishment, encountering a trap, being maimed by factory or farm equipment, dealing with explosives, having a mishap with a large predatory animal, or whatever other incident or accident may lead to this sort of unfortunate result.

As the game master of a system that does not contain explicit rules on this specific event, how would you handle this situation? How would you approach applying limitations, and deal with training/re-training? Is it necessary to provide compensation to the player? What, if any, alterations would you make to the character’s personality, traits, and performance of skills and abilities?

In short: how would you implement this sort of life-changing event into a role-playing game?

Speak your piece~

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