#RPGaDay2020 – Day 28: Edge

Today’s post for #RPGaDay2020 marks the end, or rather the last trailing edge, of the detour through a variant prompt order. From tomorrow, we will be back on numerical track for the last three days of the event. I am quite pleased with how that all works out. Today, others get to enjoy my favorite of the prompts, close.

Lemmon recognizing where on the map we must be, bursts out with a fair rendition of a song, sparking another debate about which version he is imitating.

Well I been workin’ in a coal mine
Goin’ down, down
Workin’ in a coal mine
Whew! About to slip down

music and lyrics by musician and record producer Allen Toussaint

So, smiles on our faces as we imagine the ghostbusters tottering on the thin edge of the huge ventilation shaft filled with the pulsing and twitching main braid of carnivorous vines with the closed, blank, metal door of the fire exit behind them, the conversation quickly touches on whether Lemmon is thinking of Lee Dorsey’s 1966 original version of the oft-used hit, or if he is inspired by Devo’s 81 cover.

Stent is betting on Dorsey, but that might be because of the dance-like gyrations Lemmon’s player has added to reflect the perilous perch they occupy on the lip of a tiny walkway too narrow for them to tread safely.

Diego and Dunhill both go with Devo. That might be because of a lack of exposure to Dorsey, or to a deep but nostalgic fondness for the Heavy Metal movie, in which it was used.

“Neither!” says Lemmon. “When I saw this bottomless pit again, it brought a totally other version to mind: Huey Lewis & the News!”

“I have lost all respect for you,” says Stent earnestly.

“That’s okay, because I am about to lose my balance! Linda! Get us out of here!” Lemmon yells.

“Wait, Lemmon!” shouts Diego. “I am still in front of the….”

The door slams open and knocks Diego off the ledge to topple and catch the very edge of the door via a surprisingly high Move roll. He rolled a ghost though, but as a reward for that unexpectedly awesome roll I just cause his ecto-visor to topple off and tumble down out of sight into the darkness of eternity.

Farewell, Sweet Visor

Swinging and swaying with his fingers sliding on the slick metal of the door, Diego yells, “A little help!?”

I smile at this very subtle quote and at the rapid concern and quick action taken by the group to get him back up and on solid footing. Linda’s strength ensures this does not end in disaster.

“That was close!” Lemmon says apologetically.

Your Mother!” Diego bursts out, as they retreat back through the fire door and has to be forced off of Lemmon, who, frankly, deserves a little anger from time to time.

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Question: In what ways does edge edge into this response? What principles we have discussed through this month are reflected in this post?

Video: Stay tuned until later today when a video will appear below to expand on those principles~

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