#RPGaDay Day 5: Space

Living in Korea, one thing that comes at a real premium is space. Even here in Daejeon where the ratio of open terrain to mountains favors the open terrain, the horizon has a hard and mountainous terminus in each cardinal direction. Having direct time living in the Canadian prairies and having grown up along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, one thing that I feel is that space is a frontier that must be seen to really be understood, but it is the denial of that frontier and distant vista which lends it its compelling lure.

The frontier… space… is danger and it is attraction. It is a known unknown and as long as it has no end in sight, it remains so. It is mystery and it is familiarity.

Today’s two-minute video opens the idea of the peril of the frontier, and how the land or the reaches of the universe are not the only perilous spaces for us to explore in RPGs~

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