Spirited Readings: Wraith 20

As the sadly delayed, and unsurprisingly cursed Kickstarter project for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Wraith: the Oblivion reaches its final stages, my mind has been caught up in both remembrance of the game as it was, and hope for the game to find a new existence here on the other side of the RPG Shroud.

With these thoughts in mind, I gave the PDF copy issued to backers  a close read, and then, when my print-on-demand table copy arrived, I read it again. Now that both are available for general sale, and while I wait for the offset press deluxe copy to arrive, I have decided to go through it again chapter by chapter on YouTube, to share my thoughts and reactions about the text as I do so.

Some chapters have been harder than others, and frustratingly, my overall enthusiasm for this edition of Wraith finds itself taking the back seat in the first installment of the series as Chapter One is among the worst sections in the entire book. Fortunately, the front matter of the book is a reproduction of the excellent The Face of Death promotional art book which heralded the arrival of Wraith 24 years ago. Without that, my reaction to the opening of the book would be brutal.

Fortunately, Chapter Two: Setting makes up for it in grand style.

I will link the playlist below, and over the next week or so it will slowly grow to include a video for each chapter and some commentary, possibly character creation, and maybe even a live game of being dead people.


Wraith 20th Anniversary Edition Overview Series Playlist

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