#RPGaDay 2017: Day 31

The last question for #RPGaDay for 2017 is one that looks forward to how things will take shape in the year ahead. What do we as gamers anticipate most for 2018? Whether that is the realization of one of our own projects, or the arrival of someone else’s work; whether that is the launch of a new campaign, or the culmination of one; whether it is trying something new, or returning to something old; whether it is getting together with the old gang, or introducing a new player or family member to the hobby….  whatever it is that you are looking forward to in 2018, let us know so that we can look forward to it along with you.

For me, for once, I do not have a lot of projects hanging which are due next year. Most of what I am looking forward to is due soon, or by the end of the year. Experience tells me that some of these will get pushed back to a 2018 release date, but even so… these are not among the things that I anticipate for that year, but for this.

I am looking forward to receiving Paladin by Nocturnal in Spring of 2018. As a long-time aficionado of Pendragon this new spin on the game appeals to me strongly. Apart from that project, I am mostly interested in seeing how things take shape with projects I am have been working on and which will be entering public release early in 2018. I look forward to hearing reactions to books I think are fantastic, but must wait to share discussion about. I look forward to seeing older games take on new life with new setting material. I look forward to seeing newcomers discover these games.

I have a lot of things to look forward to in 2018!

No more questions remain, but perhaps there will be a recap and some final comments coming in the next few days~


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