#RPGaDay 2017: Day 28

Today’s question for #RPGaDay dips into the out-of-character side of our gaming to inquire about sources for relevant (and humorous) recitation of beloved lines during or as a result of play. Whether movies, books, video games, or inspirobot-fueled philosophizing it would seem that quotes we shall always have. Where does your group take their inspiration for the ritual of sharing favorite quotations?

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the Star Wars films, and primarily the original three among them, are a huge source of material for humorous OoC interjections during our Edge of the Empire campaign – even after (or maybe cemented as a part of?) a three-year run. What was a small surprise to me, however, was that these were not the main quotations which surfaced.

What come up far more often are quotations from… the Indiana Jones films, but even they are not the top of the heap. No, the number one film mined most often in our group for a humorous line, riff, or quotation is… Ghostbusters.

Leveraging the ship for credits for cargo or supplies?

 “Everyone has three mortgages nowadays!”

Facing off against a huge creature?

“No one steps on a _________ in my town!”


“Where are you from…. originally…?”

Do something you regret? (Which is incredibly often…)

“I blame myself.”

“I do, too”


“What did you do, Ray?!”

Letting someone onto your ancient wreck of a ship?

“It’s a little pricey for a unique fixer-upper opportunity”

Landing it somewhere?

“You can’t park that here!”

Dealing with officials…

“You go get a court-order, and I will sue your ass for wrongful prosecution!”

And you get the idea~

May the Force Be With Us…

Question 29: What has been the best-run RPG Kickstarter (or other crowdfunded RPG project) you have backed?

Speak your piece~

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