#RPGaDay 2017: Day 24

Of all the questions this year, I feel that this is the one which requires the respondent to meet the largest set of criteria, but at the same time stands the best chance of doing some good. I suspect many people will have the desire to dip into the alternate questions, but hopefully we will get some who have recommendations to make on behalf of new designers and writers who are trying to get their names out there in front of us.

Today’s #RPGaDay question asks us to name a publisher of RPG material who offers it via a PWYW (pay what you want) model but produces such quality work that they should charge. Granted, a PWYW publisher may have other reasons for providing their work with such a payment scheme, but the heart of this question is on the side of encouragement for a job well-done.

My interests in gaming do not cause me to come across that many publishers who offer their work as Pay-What-You-Want. When I do, I am very curious about the percentage of people who pay for the work sight unseen, versus those who download it for free with or without the intention to return to pay for it once they have had a chance to evaluate it.

My work as an editor, however, has enabled me to stumble across a few things which when I learned they were initially released as PWYW and left with that payment scheme after sales began to pick up, I was surprised. I feel this payment model is best for teasers and introductory releases, not full-blown publications. When one does come across something more, I would expect people to leave reviews and recommendations. Such things, I guess, are too precious and consume too much of a reader’s time to leave for others to find.


One such work is by Tim Harper, of the Samwise Seven RPG YouTube Channel. In look, tone, and in utility, his ‘module’ called Murcanto’s Lair is well worth the time for those who are into dark and unsettling voyages into dangerous lairs of warped magi. Tim is hard at work on a second release, which I am sure will build on all the strengths of Murcant’s Lair, and push that envelope even further.

Question 25: What is the best way to thank your GM?


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