#RPGaDay 2017: Day 21

Our question for today might be longer than some games out there; I guess we will find out! Today’s #RPGaDay prompt is to share one or more games with expansive capabilities, and a low page and word count. It doesn’t have to be a micro-game, though. Rest easy. To qualify, it just has to punch above its weight class.

Question 21: Which RPG does the most with the fewest words?

My selection for today is one that has been mentioned on this blog a few times and for RPGaDay at least once before, but I think it deserves it. Clocking in at 388 words including the copyright notice and instructions for reshares, it is clear, coherent, functional, and fun. While it might not make the list of choices for open-ended campaign play, or game with the greatest variety of mechanics, it does what it sets out to do, and does it with flavor.

Which RPG is it? It is ‘All Outta Bubblegum’ by Michael Sullivan and Jeffrey Grant. Written in 2001, it is the game with the smallest word count that I consider to be something I would want to play. It allows for a broad array of set-ups for any sort of 80s action movie scenario with capable protagonists who are reduced to violence as the plots and villainy of their opponents is revealed. It has a good pace, player options, and it keeps breath fresh while strengthening jaw muscles. Another perk is the use of a D10.

To be fair, and I do like to be fair, while this game is a hoot and I like it, it cannot begin to compare with the scope of possibility that games like the first generation of RPGs in the 70s tore open in the fabric of personal entertainment with exceedingly low page counts and limited text.

These games demonstrate, 40 years on, that guidance and suggestion can create worlds and inspire endless play.

Question 22: Which RPGs are the easiest for you to run?

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