#RPGaDay 2017: Day 11

Today’s question for #RPgaDay asks us about old games which while they are still in our hearts are no longer on store shelves, in digital distribution, or even on the radar of those with fewer birthdays behind them.  Dead Games keep calling me, as I am sure they do many of you, and today’s question asks which among them would you like to see revived in a new edition.

These past few years have seen huge crowdfunding campaigns for Metamorphosis Alpha, for Villains and Vigilantes, for TORG, for Top Secret, and Space 1889 to name a few, and the vast and creative beast which is the OSR never fails to disappoint in its ability to combine and recombine old favorites with new innovation. A lot of our favorites from yesteryear are finding new life in familiar and similar forms, or taking on newer, sleeker shapes to explore this brave new world of gaming the 21st Century has given us.

Question 11: Which dead game would you like to see reborn?

For me, until the recent Kickstarter for a new version of Top Secret by the original designer under a nostalgic company masthead of ‘TSR‘, the choice would have been that venerable and exciting game. I am very much looking forward for the new boxed set and the new system within to reach me here in Korea and to see what new adventures in espionage we can create with it. While I still have the original and enjoy it to this day, seeing a new version get ready to hit shelves and fire new imaginations makes me happy. In a sense, it doubles the possibilities of the game. Those who enjoy one, can explore the other.

Lacking that option as it has already been restored to life, I find my thoughts turn to a few games such as the original TSR’s Gangbusters, and the SF trilogy of games by White Wolf: Adventure!, Aberrant, and (Aeon) Trinity. Standing in front of my shelves, however, and looking around the room at the games which still rock today despite the quirks and charm of their age, I find that my answer will be Legionnaire. If someone were to take on reviving and revising all the material from the RPG through the tabletop skirmish games for the Renegade Legion setting, that would be a lot of fun. The rich universe, the socio-political environments so ripe for harvesting story seeds, and the inspiring tech can go round for round with Star Wars if one only gives it a chance… for good reason as I recall.

Renegade Legion: Legionnaire, by Michael Stackpole, saw its genesis in the skirmish games by FASA, Centurion (Hover Tanks), Interceptor (Star Fighters), and Leviathan (Ships of the Line). The line was successful enough to spawn novels and computer games, and keep a vibrant community of long-term players still out there, fighting the good fight. The hex-map based games were innovative, fast, and contained all the great things like vehicle design, cascading criticals, visceral damage, and upgradable components that keep people coming back for more. When this ultimately resulted in an RPG, the universe looked like it could really open up…. but then production ceased.


You can still find the games in used condition, still track down the miniatures, and still make contact with people who love to play it. You do not even have to look very hard. Playing the game is not dead, but it hasn’t been in print for longer than many younger gamers have been alive. It grew in stages, and was updated and revised in waves, not all of which were complete. A rebirth of this incredible star-spanning game, with the perspective of holding all of its published material in hand, and restarting the line to present it all in a coherent and cogent package, maybe with some modern design tweaks to help it keep its reputation as clever and cool, but most of all innovative would be a great thing to see.

What would you like to see reborn and returned to shelves?

Question 12: Which RPG has the most inspiring interior art?

2 Responses to “#RPGaDay 2017: Day 11”
  1. Gods. I haven’t thought about RL in years. Interceptor was by far the best of the three and the damage profile system was amazing. These days all that could be moderated by an app.

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