#RPGaDay Day 29: Where on Earth?

Today’s #RPGaDay Question:

If you could host a game anywhere on Earth, where would that be?

This is another question aimed at the social side of gaming, and it looks at the things hosts consider and/or dream about in regard to being able to fulfill the seemingly sacred duty of hosting the game. I have gamed with a few people over the years who took hosting as more of an obligation than an opportunity, but for the most part, myself included, being able to host is a pleasure, not a duty.

One of the things which makes hosting fun is setting up the scene of the session, I find, and so imagining interesting places or structures in which to game (including tomorrow’s question of the ideal game room) seems to be part of the hobby on a fundamental level, conscious or not. The stereotypical basement location, or the few film versions depicted at the kitchen table are where we begin. As we grow older, and our ability to marshal our resources develops, newer and potentially more engaging or stimulating locations may be found.

The world is full of awesome locations, both widely known and virtually unknown. I have had the fortune to visit a few incredible sites. I am content knowing that I can never visit them all, but I also know there is still time to visit a few more. I grew up in a part of the world with its share of natural and constructed wonders, including a surprising depth of ghost stories, ship wrecks, and pirate treasure.  If I could game on the decks of the Young Teazer in its ghostly fog (pre-fire), or if Oak Island were more comfortable, that would probably make me change my answer, but until such time as that is possible, I will stick with something tamer… and with better parking.

If I could game anywhere on Earth, I would choose the ancestral seat of Clan Campbell, Inverary Castle on Loch Fyne. I would want to run the game itself in the Armoury Room, but would hope to have other events (Food!) scheduled throughout the day on the grounds and in other parts of the castle.

There is something about castles, and this will be something I talk about tomorrow, which allows them to step easily between worlds and times and genres. In a setting such as Scotland, with good friends, the right food, and a game we all love, I think running a session in Inverary Castle would be a time to remember.


Tomorrow’s Question:

If the budget were no object, what would you design for your game room?


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