#RPGaDay Day 21: Alternate

Today’s #RPGaDay question asks us to share our funniest misinterpretation of a rule, but despite the overwhelming feeling an old story is lurking just behind my eyes, I am going to draw from one of the pool of alternate questions. I wanted to do the whole run with the original questions, but time and memory are not displaying good team spirit today. Fortunately, there are questions in the pool which I would like to answer anyway.

That pool of alternatives is available HERE, by the way, and is being expanded weekly.

Alternate Question:

What is your preferred method of character improvement?

As easy and flexible as things like experience points are, and as interesting as a multi-use resource like Karma is, my preference has remained consistent since I first used it.

What is it? I prefer the improvement method found in Basic Roleplaying, where skills used in play have a chance (just a chance) to improve as a result of being tried, tested, anf considered afterward. A variant in The Morrow Project also provides an opportunity for them to atrophy as well, but I have far fewer chances to make use of that sort of thing.

I find this method satisfying because it produces a variable rate of development in the characters based on moments which impacted the campaign, and because its implementation creates small vignettes of solo play during downtime where the actions of the past can be reflected upon and further incorporated into who the character is and how they tick.

I like that a lot.


Tomorrow’s Question:

Tell about a random series of events that kept recurring…


One Response to “#RPGaDay Day 21: Alternate”
  1. I agree with you. I use a similar experience system give players a chance to increase the skills they have been using or sought out training for. This makes progress more linear with small increases here and there rather than great jumps in ability when a level is attained.

    Although my preferred system is Rolemaster I have house ruled to remove professions (classes) and levels.

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