#RPGaDay Day 9: Ideal Session

Today’s #RGaDay Day 9

What things, other than the game itself, go into making an ideal session?

  • What helps make a game session go from being good toward being ‘perfect’ for you?

The right people in the right game makes an RPG something truly special. What can take that to an ideal experience, however, goes beyond those fundamental components. It requires moving beyond the basics, beyond the satisfaction of the individual players, and rising to a level where the group is gaming as a group, for the group.

For me, the aspect of a session that can raise it to a level that I would call ideal, is when the awareness of the players for the other players and for their characters has been sharpened to the point that they can effortlessly shift between IC and OoC communication without missing a beat or needing a signal. They know, automatically, what is the character’s ‘voice’ and what is the players. They react to, understand, and have empathy for the character, and comprehend what – if any – links extend back to the player from that character.

The sessions which arise once that point has been reached are, to me, ideal.

How about you?


Tomorrow’s Question:

What has been your largest, in-game surprise?

Had the events of these past few weeks not come to pass as they have, I would have told you of a surprising and heart-breaking revelation about Vincent Chevalier, Knight of the New Templar Order of Europe in 2057. However… I now have another tale to tell~

Speak your piece~

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