#RPGaday2015 – Day 22: Perfect Gaming Environment

Day 22 of RPGaDay 2015 asks what is our perfect gaming environment. That is a little sad for me, as a younger me figured I would have long since set up a dedicated gaming room, but alas, such a thing has not occurred – nor is it likely to happen soon. I don’t need much for a good gaming environment, and have been pleasantly surprised about the quality of play I have been experiencing in coffee shops over the last few years. Still, the idea of an ideal gaming situation is an attractive daydream, isn’t it? What would be my perfect gaming environment?




As I am into skirmish games like Battletech, Star Fleet Battles, and X-Wing as well as being into roleplaying games, a large table is essential. (I used to have a massive table for just such needs, but sadly it is gone for lack of space to hold it. It was the first, and sadly last piece of a puzzle I have not been able to work on in a very long time.) My future table would have a recessed video panel, a projector, and many drawers in convenient places. It would have to do double duty as a place to hold notes for an RPG session and maps and miniatures for wargames, so it will need to be adjustable in height. The option to stand and play, or sit in comfort for long periods is obviously essential, so a mix of armchairs and bar stools is in order.

I am not a real proponent of the use of sound media in a game, but from time to time it is worth it. Recessed speakers and a central media hub are the next part of the equation. To make things most effective for the sorts of games I play, a relatively low ceiling in a wide room would be ideal. Lots of space to move around, but still capable of contributing to claustrophobia if desired. A substantial system for food and beverage is next. A bar with a small oven, microwave, fridge, and hot dog toaster is another vital piece, as are a donair rotisserie and a multi-tier pizza warmer. The floor would be cushioned, but not carpeted, and easy to clean.

Finally, lights on dimmers controlled via remote would round out this gaming space for me.

If I cannot have this, I will just continue to settle for the group’s collective imaginations as that space has served me well for more than 30 years.

How about you?



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