Mythic Britain Contest

Due to circumstance beyond my control, but beneficial ones instead of the usual sort, I have become the possessor of not one, but two copies of the incredible, Mythic Britain campaign setting. I think it is best to not take advantage of the kindness of fate, and so I will be giving one away… for a ‘price.’

See this announcement as a video instead, HERE

The ‘Price’

To obtain the prize, I ask that you create a RuneQuest 6 character using the Roll in Order method, and take note of the character ideas which spring to mind as you do that. Build a sense of who this character is as you roll up their traits, and move through the rest of the inspirational process that follows. When you are done, submit it with a description of the character’s personality, and their occupation and role in their culture, basically –  who they are as a person.

To enter the contest, all you need to do is prepare a video response and leave a link to it in the comments section of >> THIS VIDEO << or in the comments below.

As a second option, you can send the description in written form to my e-mail address (runescastshadows at gmail). That’s  it.

Take a close look at the prize in video, HERE

The Process

All entries will be read, and the coolest ones will be shared here on Casting Shadows with clear credit to their makers. More importantly, all entries will be put into a pool of names for a random drawing of the prize, the print copy of Mythic Britain.

The contest runs from March 8th to April 5th, 2o15. Once the contest has closed, I will randomly determine the winner, and announce their name here, on my YouTube channel, and other fine places where RuneQuest 6 is discussed. After that, I will arrange to mail you the prize.

If you do not have a copy of RuneQuest 6 yet, it is still possible for you to participate. The makers of the game have produced a PDF called RuneQuest Essentials which will be more than enough to ‘get you in the game.’ Essentials is listed as pay what you want, so you can even get it for free if that hoists your sail.

You can obtain RuneQuest Essentials at the Design Mechanism Store, or at DrivethruRPG.


Good luck! There will be more updates as the month progresses. I look forward to reading your descriptions~



10 Responses to “Mythic Britain Contest”
  1. Kyrei says:

    The characters are from cultures etc. wholly of our own design, or should they be based within the RQ6 world you have been describing here?

  2. Kyrei says:

    As I was rolling this character up, I chose to roll age randomly too. The rules say the player can “simply roll the value randomly” (pp. 48) but provides no table for that. Thus, I chose this spread as I think it reflects most character creation choices on 1d10: Young 1-3, Adult 4-6, Middle-aged 7-8, Senior 9, Old 10. As a house rule variation, does that fly well with you?

    • Runeslinger says:

      For a purely random situation I would roll a d5 or halve a d10. For a specific situation, such as a warrior nation during a period of war, I would weight it heavily toward the young end. What you suggest here is great, I think.

  3. Kyrei says:

    And one more thing; these bonus skill points represent experience gained over time. Yet, there is no provision for one having spent experience points to increase attributes as one might have chosen to do over time. Say I roll a “senior” character with 250 bonus skill points and maximum increase of 25%, the attributes must stay the same as rolled?

    • Runeslinger says:

      Attribute increases are expressed as ‘investment of time and effort’ indicated by the allocation of experience rolls, not the assignment of points. This is an area ripe for a house ruling if one wanted to be able to adjust attributes during chargen due to age bonuses. I feel, however, that the roll in order method is intended to be a final say on the characters’ attributes at the start of play.

      What would you propose as a way to allow age-related XP to enhance attributes?

      • Kyrei says:

        Well, it is hard to say, since experience would be based in no small degree to the career chosen. An “old” farmer would probably have garnered less “experience” than, say, an “old” pirate or soldier. Any such house rule would not apply to this contest though, I think. Using the rules “as is” is the main part of it. That was just something that jumped out at me when looking at a more, shall we say, “seasoned” character.

        I have officially used up my daily allotment of quotation marks.

  4. says:

    My entry is now submitted via email 😀

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