December ’13 RPG Blog Carnival: Taking Charge

This month’s RPG Blog Carnival is being hosted here on Casting Shadows and is on the topic of Taking Charge. “Of what?” you may ask, or “By whom?” These and other questions are what will be uncovered as the month proceeds and participating blogs add their contributions to the Carnival.

Visit the Archive of Carnivals PastA blog carnival is a cooperative posting event on a specified topic or themes across a spectrum of familiar and unfamiliar blogs. Each blog offers one or more post on the topic as they see it and so, in a virtual way, the carnival travels from place to place revealing more and more attractions, wonders, and the occasional life-changing Ferris Wheel ride.

To follow the carnival, check back regularly through the month and read the comments list on this post where participants will be leaving links with their articles. At the end of the month, a wrap-up post will be made on this site [link due: Dec. 31, 2013] conveniently listing all the links for easy access. Past blogs can be accessed from the Archive, which is currently being maintained by the RPG Blog Alliance.

To participate in the carnival is easy, once you have written a post on the topic, leave a comment on this page with a direct link. You can use the Blog Carnival image on your post to single it out for easy recognition by your readership. If you contribute more than one post, link them together and leave a link for each one here in the comments as each one goes live.

The Topic
Taking Charge. This could be interpreted in any number of ways, such as (not limited to), outlining ways a group of characters can be more proactive in their affairs, a group of players choosing to improve their existing gaming habits (including the GM), players stepping up to make more effective use of their agency as co-conspirators an contributors to a campaign, and/or getting a good grip on a game that is out of control and going nowhere. It could entail fiction, examples of actual play, discussion of tools like social contracts or statements of purpose, and more. As the year comes to a close and people get retrospective (and wonder why there is so much left-over turkey still in the fridge despite days and days of sandwiches) a topic like ‘taking charge’ might take a tone of cleaning house, evaluating the current state of affairs in your own game, or your chosen niche zone within the hobby, or setting the stage for what will come next at your table, real or virtual. There are many places this topic can take writers and readers during the December Blog Carnival. 
Open for Business
So, with all of the fanfare and setting up of virtual tents out of the way, let us get on with the tasks at hand. It is time for each of us to take charge of this topic in our own ways, and put them up for display along the dazzling and chimerical midway of the RPG Blog Carnival~
32 Responses to “December ’13 RPG Blog Carnival: Taking Charge”
  1. Hi Runeslinger,

    My contribution to the Blog Carnival is an article on Tales of a GM about the new Social Contract that we have, in the hope of avoiding the game implosion that we suffered last month, as described in the November Carnival article.

    The text of our new Social Contract can be found here;

    All the best

  2. Aaron says:

    Hello, Runeslinger!

    I hope this post suffices as a discussion of taking charge. It’s something of a shameless plug for my own RPG, but I feel that there are real inherent strengths to my game that translate directly to taking charge.

    If not, and it turns out that it’s just a shameless, no-good, dirty plug, I take no offense at having it removed. 🙂



    • Runeslinger says:

      It would be nice if it actually addressed the Carnival, linked to this page, and included the usual blurb about how to participate, but the post itself is otherwise on topic.

      As you say, the tips you offer are broadly applicable and all about taking charge of presenting a good session or series of sessions.

  3. Runeslinger says:

    Mark Knights contributed this piece on adapting to an entirely new gaming system, which in his case was Lords of Gossamer and Shadow which uses the diceless system developed for Eric Wujick’s beloved Amber game.

  4. thestoreman says:

    Hi, I’d like to leave a link to my contribution to the Carnival.

    By the way, loved the theme!

  5. David says:

    I wrote about when to take charge in my blog post today.


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