Saturday Seed ~ 167 (Brass&Steel)

This seed is likely fit for most Victorian era settings with a hint of mysticism, but most notably so for Brass&Steel.

The Seed
The characters are traveling and forced by flooding and fierce storms to turn in at a weathered inn. Odd things commence.

Planting the Seed
Any time the characters venture forth by rail or by road this seed can sprout. Well before running this, have the players prepare a description of a good, scary, and a neutral dream.

The Details
Go for all the rustic, disorienting atmosphere as will suit your game. Long stares from the owners, a feeling of being watched, and total isolation from noise of the storm.

The Inn is old but clean, and full of secret nooks, halls, passages, twists and turns.

It likely reminds everyone of old ghost stories.

Other stranded guests suggest telling some if the characters do not, and offer wagers for the scariest tales. The innkeeper offers a warming snifter of brandi for each participant and promises to tell a tale of his own.

The night passes from 7pm to 11pm with such tales, some tame, some gruesome, some disturbing.  At 11 each guest is expecting to be guilted into going off to bed.

Each player should tell a tale or at least wager on them. The GM can tell the Innkeeper’s creepy closer to the evening (make it great, but let the wagers flow freely).

What is going on
Someone in the Inn will be taking the characters’ worst fears and bringing them out into their dreams this night for their own cruel amusement.

Set these dreams up as shared experiences the characters believe are real and give them horrible choices to make between things like death and dismemberment, suicide and murder, cannibalism and feeding ones’ friends…

Kill characters in one scene and bring them back in the next. Fake waking and start the cycle over. Destroy their link with reality.

Then have morning come and let them wonder…


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