Saturday Seed ~ 164 (Psychobilly Retropocalypse)

This Saturday Seed is being planted for Psychobilly Retropocalypse because of the gritty, leather-necked summer we are having. 

My Saturday Seeds also reappear on Ancient Scroll on random Saturdays~

The seed

Piston Pete, a lover and a fighter, has vanished from Piston Pete’s Autobody and Armory. Without him the town’s hot-rods and first lines of defense will not be to stand up to the posers from the next town! Can he be rescued before it is too late?

Planting the seed

The seed is best planted in time of need. The group shows up in need of some serious repair to their jalopy, or at least some phone numbers to ‘a sure thing’ that doesn’t glow or have inconvenient extraneous parts only to discover that Pete is missing and the all-important wall of numbers in the john is gone.

The trail of evidence and strips of coarse TP tips them off that something vile is afoot in the rival town on the other side of Hookbeak Ridge.

The Details

Piston Pete can fix anything, anytime, anywhere and is responsible for facilitating the loss of unwanted virginity for nearly an entire generation of young men and women. Without Pete the population of the town would be a joke.

Tensions have been heating up between the towns around Hookbeak Ridge for years, and the last six months has seen a marked increase in violence. Pete, once content with improving the suspension and adding push bars to the cars in town has had to spend most of his time rigging more aggressive weaponry and protective casings for engines and under-seat stashes of the local ‘shine.

A few weeks ago, someone tried to smash up his shop, and a few nights ago someone set fire to his outhouse, with him in it. It took some explaining and reiteration of the complicated facts, but eventually the town leaders came around to the idea that something might be up. They asked the local sheriff to check in Pete’s outhouse after dinner every night – just in case….

What’s going on

What is really going on is that Pete has been abducted and dragged off to his own personal version of hell: a shotgun wedding with the mutie daughter of the territory’s angriest farmer. If he cannot be rescued, Ol’ Pete will be hitched to a tentacled mule and farming the back forty til death makes him parts.


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