Serial Settings 1: Ubiquity ~ Week 52

This entry for Serial Setting 1 for Ubiquity is the last of the weekly posts for the beautiful and deadly Windlet Islands. It will be followed by a few clarifying and/or condensing posts as well as updates of key entries to offer statistics, and additional plot hooks. The Serial Settings series of posts is intended to provide usable setting material for busy GMs. Series 1 is for those looking to run Daring Tales of Adventure or Hollow Earth Expedition. To review the entire series check out the Serial Settings Archive Page.

52) Cairn Observatory, Mount Cairn, Greater Windlet Island

In March of the coming year, construction on an observatory will begin near the summit of Mount Cairn. After months of debate and discussion, a suitable site has been chosen, and the project is simply waiting on the right professionals to come to carry out the final planning and to initiate actual construction.

Recently, official word on the project has made it public knowledge. A recruitment drive for specialists to replace those lost during the survey period is currently underway, and interviews for staff for the observatory once completed will begin next summer. Signs along the main interior access road have been put up with the familiar Gast logo over a brilliant red disc background surrounded by a trio of stylized stars.

In addition to its primary functions of housing the telescope, and a new-fangled radio telescope device, as well as other research equipment, the facility will provide basic housing needs for the astronomers and meteorologists Gast intends to invite, as well as a research center for ongoing study of Mount Cairn itself. Additional housing is being constructed on both Greater Windlet and Lysette Isle for members of the scientific community coming with families or retinues.

Additional funding for the project is being sought from non-governmental sources, with the Gast’s usual careful attention to detail and deep investigations. According to the Administrator, “This project is to forward the cause of scientific acquisition of knowledge, not nationalist contention for advantage.”

Such quotes have not made him popular with certain members of the political arena, and rumours abound on the island of a recent visit from the American State Department. The result of that meeting is not known, but wildly speculated about.

Rumours: Heard all over the islands

  • the Administrator is under pressure to accept a US military base on the islands
  • legal battles are being waged in several countries about various aspects of several Gast-owned companies
  • The State Department representatives completely misunderstood the project and took it as a threat to national security
  • The Nazis sent a team to convince Gast to be more open to working with their nation. He tossed one of them off the pier
  • Two young and promising astronomers have recently decided to stop being associated with the project for fear of losing research grants
  • Gast is also building a planetarium on the grounds of his estate
  • Funding for a museum and library were cancelled for this project
  • More surveyors and contractors were lost during the initial stages of the project than is being let on which is very unusual

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