Serial Settings 1: Ubiquity ~ Week 42

The entry this week for Serial Setting 1 for Ubiquity further details an aspect of the anomaly responsible for many of the mysteries of the beautiful yet deadly Windlet Islands. The Serial Settings series of posts is intended to provide usable setting material for busy GMs. Series 1 is for those looking to run Daring Tales of Adventure or Hollow Earth Expedition.

42) South Pacific Anomaly – Unusual Weather, South Pacific

The Windlet Isles, even from the perspective of the widely-travelled, are off the beaten track. Were it not for explorers seeking to chart and find the unknown, or the powerful and unexpected storms and curious weather phenomena of the area, these islands may never have been seen by human eyes at all.

With the brutality of the storms in the region, which can arise with little warning even out of season confounding even the most experienced sea captains, the Islands are often seen of as a haven now. Prior to the final stages of the settlement, they were seen as the Hell at the end of a long punishment. Crews driven to their vessel’s destruction on the reefs, or worse, cast ashore for the local wildlife to stalk and horribly kill often left no trace their terrible fates. The death toll on the quartet of islands will never truly be known – even once the Company completes its underwater survey of all the wreck and possible wreck sites.

Before the Company secured the islands for their own uses, the only people to set foot on the islands were brought there by chance. Prior to the settlement and pacification projects of the Company, the life expectancy of visitors to the island without significant numbers and military awareness was less than a day. In these more modern and settled times, sea travel is rarely at risk of inadvertent misadventure in the area of the islands, but modern air travel, particularly among those brave souls seeking to break records, achieve something for the first time, and experiment with new technological advancements, is much more at risk. Any storm, in season or out, may – even if it defies all logic – drive aviators toward the islands to crash in the wilds of the Southern sides. Unless the pilots are able to outwit and outfly the storms’ fury to make a landing on the modern airstrip on Lysette Isle, or attempt a more daring “landing” at the Airship field atop Mount Cairn, the winds will their smash planes down somewhere on the virtually ignored southern reaches of any of the four islands. The predators will be waiting for them hungrily, but it is unlikely any rescuers will even know of the crash unless wreckage is spotted… perhaps weeks later.

Usual Suspects:  William Dean

Island and Company resources are almost entirely focused on the settlements, so it cannot be said that maintaining alertness for unexpected strangers in distress is a high priority. William Dean, a painfully sincere loner more at home at his station on the Fence than seemingly anywhere else, has lately taken steps to rectify that situation, even if only on his own time. Struck by the sadness of an empty and blood streaked life boat recovered late in ’35, after storms and other odd weather phenomena the islanders try not to think about, Dean has been conducting sweeps of the most likely spots to at least offer some hope for crash and wreck survivors.

Compact and muscular, with a huntsman’s eye, and a pale red-head’s sun-ravaged complexion, Dean loves the outdoors and beating the odds an inhospitable place like the interior can provide a man. He reserves his respect for fellow survivors, and for women of any description.

Rumours:  None… people say he is a good hand and it is true.

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