Hair of the Dog PBeM Report ~ 5.4d Alexandre


Campaign: Hair of the Dog

Story 1: Running with the Big Dogs

Act 4: Bites, Scene 9 – Casing and Entering – PoV – Alexandre ‘Luckjaw’ Lechasseur

Thursday, November 27, 3028

Beasville, Ward Marik Museum of Military History

7:58 PM


After a difficult and very personal interview with the HR committee for the Ward Marik Museum of Military History, you were hired on a probationary basis, but quickly earned the trust of the head of security. He moved you from the day shift, which was comprised mostly of overweight losers and wannabes, to the Night Shift, where not only did you get a license to carry weapons, but you were entrusted with guarding, and assisting in the care of the silent rows of ancient battlemechs stored there.

You soon learned that the Night Shift was run like a Commando unit. The Head of Security Myron Tate, a burly man born and raised on Oliver, takes the job very seriously, and is fiercely loyal to the concept of the Free Worlds League. He has been furious for the last few days, and has spent hours trying to get in to see the Curator, and encouraging each member of his team to do so as well.

Tonight, you discovered that no progress was made resolving the issue and that the people responsible for the museum have wasted the week they had arguing about what to do, rather than doing something.

Yesterday, the Lyran Infantry began their drop into Beasville, supported with two lances of mechs. As usual, their activities were covered by the media, and all broadcasters trying to remain independent were silenced by noon.

You believe that the Lyran Infantry, a mix of mechanized infantry and jump infantry, are being backed up by 1 light lance and 1 medium lance. You have seen images of a Commando, and Jenner on the news reports, and think you saw the outline of a Clint a few blocks away as you came to work tonight.

Suspicious about the Lyrans, Tate, has been suggesting that the five of you be ready to liberate mechs and escape to the desert north of the city to try and contact any remaining elements of the 18th Marik Militia. He claims they maintain a top secret base somewhere to the North of town, and that with luck, you can join the rebellion before lunchtime tomorrow.

To prepare for that possibility, you have all been working secretly to get all the mechs ready to go. Usually, they are completely shut down and prepared for long-term storage, but your team has been working hard to get them all up and on Stand-by. He has also been trying to develop some kind of ‘kill switch,’ for the mechs you decide to leave behind, but so far, the team has not been able to make it work.

The mechs in the collection are:












Many of them were donated from the factories directly, and have never engaged in battle, so the rumour among the security staff is that they have SLDF tech in pristine condition on board. A countering rumour is that all of that tech has been stripped out by researchers and replaced with less effective equipment.

You have piloted a few of them from the underground storage facility to the main display area, but cannot state with confidence which rumours are true. They seem like factory-fresh mechs, lacking even the ubiquitous stench of old sweat that seems to seep into and permeate every mech cockpit you had ever seen before these. The weapons systems are all locked down and cannot be activated without a series of passwords and the approval of the military governor. That is another problem which Tate has been unable to solve, but he hopes to get that answer from the Curator tonight.

He is up in her office now, and you are in charge of the duty shift. The group is tense and nervously awaiting 8pm when the last of the day staff is due to leave. Tonight, you will all be mechwarriors again, and soon after that, you will have the chance to get vengeance paid in Lyran blood and broken mechs. Fate is not always cruel.

As you wait impatiently for Tate to return, a peculiar signal comes from the front lobby, indicating that the front loading door has been opened. You also note that the drawbridge to the museum is still down.

The museum is a three-storey structure that looks like a castle, built on an artificial island in an artificial lake in a large park in the centre of what is now a residential and school district, near the large commercial centres around the harbour. Most of the exhibits are underground.

Something must be detaining the Guard in the booth. He is on the day shift and he should have left by now. Checking the external cameras, all you can see is a shadowy figure standing outside the guard booth.

The booth cameras indicate the guard, Dominic, is talking to the shadowy figure on the intercom.

The security protocol for the front door requires that all deliveries and shipments be logged, so your terminal beeps and a window pops up under the ID of HeadSec2, automatically sending a query to the lobby desk.

The response from there states, “Pizza.”

That is not an unusual request, but checking the cameras automatically, you notice that none of them are facing the lobby… something weird is definitely happening.

Tate’s biggest fear was that Lyran operatives would break in to commandeer the mechs before he was ready.

Two members of your squad have just left the guard room for a routine patrol. They are headed up to the lobby now.

The security cameras show you that Tate is in the elevator with the Curator now, probably headed to the lobby. They look like they are arguing. He could be headed into a trap set by Lyran agents waiting in the lobby. You are all certain that the only person with the override passcodes for the mechs is the Curator.

You can get up to the lobby in the amount of time it takes to rush up three flights of stairs…


Before rushing upstairs, I will take the liberty if I am able to get theDrawBridgeup. We will see if they rush before it is completely open. As for the 2 guard that have just started their patrol, I will tell them on the talkies while I am rushing upstairs, that there is a possibility that the facility is already infiltrated by the Lyrans and be careful with anything they see and be prepare to engage, if they do engage and see that they cannot win, they need to retreat to the mech area and meet with us. I will then go see Tate and tell him what I saw in the cameras, and what I did with the bridge, if I could have done it from where I was.  I would ask to get the mech prepare and I would need the pass code for that. If  the curator doesn’t want to give it away, I will ask Tate if he want me to retrieve it.

As for physical description:  6’11 man and around 320 of muscles. Bald with Green eyes, he definitely does not look like nice guys.  He has an angry grizzly bear tattoo on all his back as well a tribal that starts from his left shoulder to the left wrist.  His hands are probably the size of one of the MechWarrior head. At first, he should look pretty intimidating and he does not smile at all, or barely.


You take a moment to activate the drawbridge controls so that the front door will be cut off from the outside. There is a tunnel from the Guard booth, so the day guard will be able to retreat into the museum for safety if necessary.

Checking the elevator camera quickly before you leave, you see that it has stopped at the lobby, and that Tate is charging out like he is trying to sack the quarterback. Things must be worse in the lobby than you suspect!

The camera shows the curator is panicking and pressing all the buttons on the control panel to close the elevator doors.

The two guards, Sal and Pietr, are about 1 flight of stairs up from the basement when you catch up to them. There are two more flights between you and the lobby. The stairs exit from a small metal door just behind the security desk. There will not be much room to move behind the desk, but if you can get out past the desk, you will have lots of space.

You do not know how many Lyrans are in the lobby, but you do know that Tate is up there alone with no back-up. The Night Shift is a 5-man team, three of you are in the stairwell, and the 4th is on the far side of the facility, checking the fire doors.

Additional problems that you have are that Tate has disabled the security alarms to facilitate your planned theft of the mechs, so you will not be able to summon outside help, or alert anyone inside the museum except by walkie-talkie.

You can get to the lobby by an alternate route that goes to the mech display, but it will take a lot longer to get there.


1. The guards do not have guns, they have stun sticks

2. There are guns locked in a cabinet in Tate’s office next to the guard room

3. The curator is in the elevator next to the security desk in the lobby, so the other guards will not be able to get to her without dealing with the Lyran scum.

4. There is a garbage can at the desk, and there are also heavy manuals that you could throw as a distraction

5. I will do all the dice rolling and include the information in square brackets like this:  [martial arts: TN 9, failed]  or  [RFL+DEX: TN 18, passed] etc~

6. Questions are good  🙂


You know that Tate ran out of the elevator like he was going to attack something. You can probably guess that he is grappling or in HtH combat with Lyran Dogs in front of the elevator, near the Security Desk. You would hear gunfire if they were shooting, but probably would not hear punching, etc. You do not hear anything.

What would you like to do, and what will the ‘marching order’ be? (Sal, Pietr, and You)


Alright, then what I am doing I am jumping over the desk and running toward where I saw Tate disapear. Once I see what happening, I will react accordingly, but if they dont have any gun I will shoot in the air and point the gun at them, if they are arms, but Tate have somewhat take care of that, I will jump on the closest and just smash him in the wall, and going to another… As for the 2 other guard I told them take care of the Curator…  I will say something to Tate like, “I was just walking back, and I though you could use a hand with this shit” of course with a bad french accent 🙂


In your combat boots it is a little difficult to move quietly when you run, but you do your best. The other two Night Shift guards follow you, but aren’t as fit, so they are breathing a little heavily by the time you get to the ground floor.

You know that there is no time to go back down to Tate’s office to get a gun out of the weapons locker, so you will have to rely on your skill and surprise if the Lyrans have firearms.

When you reach the ground floor, you have a plan to rush over the desk and take control of the scene using surprise intimidation, and your unarmed combat skills to interrupt and unbalance the enemy. To get ready, and give the other two guards a chance to catch up to you, you open the door a crack, just to get a quick look at the situation:

A tough looking woman in plain work clothes is standing in a solid defensive posture and is angrily speaking to someone you cannot see, “Do I look like a Lyran, bitch?!”

She is out in the middle of the lobby. You can only see her from the waist up because of the security desk. The person she is speaking to must be on the floor in front of her.

A Eurasian-looking man, also in plain work clothes, holding a laser pistol (pointed at the ceiling) says, “We are Grey Hawk Irregulars, man! We don’t have much time!”

His face looks familiar…  you think you saw it on the news this afternoon before your shift. The Lyrans are looking for him for war crimes.

Past him, the elevator doors are open and another man in the same plain work clothes is trying to talk gently with the Curator of the museum, but she does not look like she is listening. In fact, she is panicking and crying and trying to surrender…  but these guys do not look like Lyrans… they look like rebels!

Finally, you hear Tate’s voice, “Grey Hawk Irregulars…? Really?”  He must be on the floor in front of the desk. Did the woman knock him down? She looks tough, but… Tate is 280 pounds and a former bodyguard!

You know the name of that unit: the Grey Hawk Irregulars. You studied it in your military history class, and Tate talks about them all the time when he drinks. It is a unit in the 18th Marik Militia (the former defenders of this planet). It has a reputation of using unusual tactics and acting like Robin Hood. Tate loves them.

What would you like to do?


I will sneak up behind the man with the laser pistol, and will just grab the hand holding the gun… with my other arm, I will it around is neck and pull it directly to me, not crushing but holding firmly.

I will say this. “Is there a problem here Tate, if there is, want me to fix it…?”

Will wait for Tate to tell me what to do.


Ok~ let’s look at that first move and use it as a brief overview of the game system.  Because this is the first scene with a roll, I will explain how it all works in more detail than usual.

The usual way looks like this: blah blah blah blah blah  [Stealth, opposed]

This time, I will explain each part of it:


You are in the Stairwell, and the door is open just enough to see into the lobby. You can see the faces of the two rebels in the lobby, so they can probably see your door out of the corner of their eyes; however, they are paying a lot of attention to Tate.

Conditions and Complications

  • To get out the door and behind the desk will require a stealth roll
  • to sneak around the man and secure his weapon will require stealth and martial arts rolls
  • to get him in a loose choke will require another martial art roll, but it will be much easier as he will already be grappled.

The big problem is getting out of the door. To let you out into the lobby (Alexandre is 6’11” and 321 pounds so that door has to open pretty wide) means that this isn’t just a simple roll to see if he is stealthy or not stealthy. This is an opposed roll where the Man, and the Woman will get Perception rolls to spot you.

Alexandre’s Stealth is Level 2 and the TN is 8. Your rolls will have modifiers. The first roll will cover getting out the door and staying behind the desk without being spotted. The other characters will get Perception rolls to notice this.

ROLL = 2D6 + 2 for Skill –1 for poor conditions  –1 for “a terrain complication” means that you need to roll at least an 8 to succeed. 2D6 on TN 8

It is pretty hard to get an 8 or better on 2D6. You have the option to use Edge to enhance your rolling, or you have the option to choose a different sort of action now that we have had time to assess the TN.

1 point of Edge spent before the roll will earn a +2 to your roll. 1 point spent after the roll will earn +1 to the roll. Edge can also be spent to roll again. Additional uses of Edge are to lower the opponent’s roll or force them to reroll.

Edge is an important resource and it does not regenerate quickly. It should be saved for important events in the story and to save your character’s life, haha~

It looks like combat is over, however. Tate seems to be talking with them.

What would you like to do?


Ok I though I was very close to the man with the gun so I could attempt it without being detected… If it impossible to do, I would instead be doing a big entrance: Kicking the door pushing the desk, shouting “Is there a problem here”


Drawing back against the back wall of the landing, you bring up your leg and launch a powerful kick at the door. It slams open so hard that the metal of the upper hinges literally tears right off. The noise is incredible and the jaws of your two companions practically fall off their faces from surprise.

Quickly rushing out behind the desk you scan the scene in the lobby and see that Tate is rising up from a crouching position on the floor with his hands out to signal he is done fighting.

The woman in front of him is still in a defensive posture, but the man with the gun looks more relaxed and has moved so that he is on the other side of Tate, looking toward the security desk.

(you > desk > 3m to woman > 1m to Tate > 1m to man)

From the corner of your eye, you see the Curator is nodding her head in relief and stepping out of the elevator with the other rebel. He has an almost saintly look on his face as he carefully ushers her out into the lobby.

A mixed look of relief, excitement and joy is on Tate’s face

“Tate, is there a problem here?” you growl as you see that everything has stopped and everyone is looking at you.


I will wait for Tate reaction but will jump over the desk… I will take a more relaxed stand when he tells me everything is ok. I will wait and see what the other do or say.

Everyone’s eyes are on you, so to further impress them, you put one of your huge hands on the counter that runs along the front part of the desk, and lightly swing your body over it to stand in front of it facing Tate and the two rebels. From the corner of your right eye, you can see the curator and the other rebel.

The rebel by the elevator with the curator actually smiles, like he appreciates your dramatic entrance.

The woman in front of you is visibly startled by your sudden arrival and by your immense size.

The rebel with the gun shows no reaction but looks ready for anything. His eyes are flicking back and forth between you and Tate. He says politely, “Yes, Tate is everything ok, now?”

Tate speaks up, “Alexandre! Everything is ok!  We will be able to get the rest of the mechs out now! We won’t have to leave any behind!”

Tate is turning his head back toward the head rebel when the curator’s head snaps around to look at him. “What did you say? You are stealing the mechs?! But I told you No! I have an appointment with Oberleutnant Braun in the morning!”

Tate ignores her to say to the rebel leader, “We have to hurry – there is not much time!”  He is holding out his hand for the rebel to shake.


Standing a bit more relaxed, I will turn directly to the curator and say something like ” Want me to get the password from the old hag…? I can have it in less then 2 minutes…” I will then turn to the curator and say ” Or you prefer the jail of the Lyran’s for a long time… Do you really thing they will let you go or live…. MA’AM!?”

The I will turn to the 3 rebels and say; The enemy of my enemy is my friend, or something like that….

I would like also to see if I can reach the ones who are taking care of my girl, asking them to move to another safe place and get out of the city, while the situation is not clear of Lyrans.


CHL will smile and say with exploratory tact and a sense of mutual respect, “Captain ‘CHL’ Rom, Mad Dog and Blow Torch” nodding to each in turn, “If you could give a quick brief on what you have ready to go…?  Your prep is obviously farther along than anything we had planned.”

The bleeding, burly guard, takes a moment to grab a handkerchief from his pocket to press to the cut, and nods. “Call me Tate. I am in charge of security here. Lieutenant in the 18th Marik Militia logistics and planning division, retired. Pleasure to meet you all…

Blowtorch picks up her duffel bag and adopts a more casual stance, ready to get back to work. “Sorry about your face, by the way,” she offers when he looks her way.

Tate laughs and says, “I get worse just shaking Alexandre’s hand. Don’t sweat it… Blowtorch, is it?  This is my second in command, Alexandre,” he says, indicating the giant by the security desk. “You might recognize him from The Fight! Channel, but he was a mechwarrior once… we all were, or could have been.”

Checking the blood on his handkerchief he smiles and winks at Blowtorch before continuing. “The alarm systems are down, the mechs are primed for a cold start, and we have detonators rigged to take out the cockpits of the mechs we cannot take. The problem is, we do not have the passcodes needed to start the mechs, unlock the weapon systems, and allow the addition of warrior-grade neurohelmets.”

He stops and directs a black look at the curator. “She does.”

The curator is still babbling about her fate and how you simply cannot steal the mechs as they belong in a museum, while Mad Dog tries to get her to listen to reason.

Blowtorch turns on her and states, “You can blame us for the theft when Braun shows up. Tate put up a heroic fight to stop us…”

You rumble to Tate, “Want me to get he password from the old hag…? I can have it in less then 2 minutes…” His posture is more relaxed, but as he turns toward the curator, she cowers against the wall in fear. “Or do you prefer the jail of the Lyrans for a long time… Do you really think they will let you go or live…. MA’AM!?”

CHL cuts in and takes on a more assertive posture, “I suggest your group joins us and we can work out how to merge command structures and how to best take our battle to Lyrans.  Our plan was for museum administration to be respectfully tied up and left behind.  It will be safest for them if we do not question where their loyalty lies.  Anyone who actively assists us would be safer to join us in the exodus.  Agreed?”

Looking down at the rest of them you say, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Tate nods, and says, “Yeah – we are definitely on the same side here…  How many of you are there? We have 4 that can pilot a mech well, and one good tech that can run one in an emergency.”

“There are four of us here tonight… the fourth is outside – Do you think you could let him in? “

Before Tate can answer, you interject and indicate that you need to contact the people who are caring for your girl. “It’s time for them to move her out of the city,” he says.

Tate nods and says, “Use the blue line. Sal checked it an hour ago and it’s still safe,” before turning to Cool Hand, “Yes, let’s get your 4th in here and get a move on! We have a war to fight!”


I will call the people who take care of my little girl and make sure they stay on alert, so they can move at anytime. I will tell them that the rebellion is forming, and I want them to be ready to move if thing get ugly… I am paying them an good amount of money for that. After I do that, I will return to Tate and telling him that as for mech, the Thug, Archer or T-bolt will be the best for me as they are the one with enough cockpit room for me to fit in. But what ever he want me to pilot, Hermes or whatever is fine. As for the rest, I will wait and see what the others are doing.


As you are getting ready to contact your girl’s guardians, things suddenly start to happen, and the mood shifts from surprise, to a very organized and capable military operation.

“Lieutenant!” Captain Rom says to Mad Dog.  “Have someone see to Fitz, debrief Mr. Tate on the status and complement of the mechs, then organize and resume the operation in light of our new allies’ advance preparations. Report back with a revised timeline. I will be with the Curator.” He walks over to guide the curator toward the stairs and away from further contact with the operation, its planning, and its enactors.

Mad Dog, the second in command, calls out loudly, “Atten-shun!” in a tone that demands attention.

Tate replies instantly, “Sir, yes, Sir!” and snaps to attention, blood still seeping across his forehead.

When Rom and the curator have left the lobby, and he has everyone’s attention, Mad Dog states, “You heard him: Mr. Tate with me. Alexandre, bring in Lieutenant Fitz and have the rest of your team meet with Sergeant Kadlec at the mech display.” He nods his head to indicate that Sergeant Kadlec is the woman that they call Blowtorch.

“Sergeant, rendezvous with the rest of the team at the mechs and do what you can to ready them for departure while we attempt to retrieve the passwords,” he says to Blowtorch as she makes the dufflebag more comfortable on her shoulder.

Blowtorch states quietly to Mad Dog, “I can deal with the password problem, but it will take longer if we do it my way. You should know, though, that starting them up is one thing, but if we use the Curator’s passwords to remove the locks on the weapons, a signal will be sent out notifying the regional military governor. Unless that’s what you want, I will have to hack them anyway.”

You are at the security desk and already in the process of contacting your girl’s guardians. It seems best to make sure he knows you have something important to do. Looking at the Lieutenant you repeat, “Lieutenant, I need to contact the people taking care of my girl. I have to tell them to be on alert and get ready to move her.”


In response to the sergeant, Mad Dog says, “Good point, Blowtorch. I suggest, then, that you leave that matter to last until we better know our current sit-rep with the curator.”

In answer to you, the Lieutenant… they call him Mad Dog… nods and smiles. While you complete the connection on the secure line that Tate had set up for you, Mad Dog asks, “What’s your girl’s name? How old is she?”

At the same time, your connection goes through and your aide replies according to your prearranged set of signals.

Seeing that the connection has gone through and that you cannot answer him, Mad Dog turns to Tate.

“Tate, with me! Slight change of plans… We’ll talk and walk at the same time. Fitz will probably react better if he sees me with you.”

Turning back to you, he says in a quiet, but clear voice, “Let us know if there are problems, and we’ll try to help if we can. We snuck into this city. It should be possible to sneak a girl out. When you are finished, join us here or at the mechs.”

While Mad Dog was speaking to you, Tate had motioned to the other two guards, and they had walked over to stand with Blowtorch. As Mad Dog turns back to him, he takes his radio mouth-piece off his shoulder, “Would you like me to have my other guard go to the mech display to rendezvous with the Sergeant?” With this he looks over at her and says quickly, “I’m really sorry I mistook you for a Lyran, Sergeant. You had every right to toss me into the desk.”

Outside the snow begins to fall more heavily.


Alright, so after going to make sure the guardien are going to get her out, I will report to Tate and say ” You want to tag alone with them?, trust them enough for that?” If he say yes, I will then report to Blowtorch as requested. If he say not, I will tell him I will keep an eye on them and see if they can be trustworthy. Then I will go to Blowtorch. Once in front of Blowtorch, I will ask her what she want me to do, and I will do it. Not talking much unless she address me with some question.


Things continue to move along very quickly once the two different teams begin to figure out how to work together.

After Mad Dog and Tate return with the Booth Guard and Fitz, and the museum is locked down for the night, people begin to relax a bit and focus more clearly on the task at hand: preparing, and then stealing these huge war machines, and escaping through the quiet night-time streets of this residential section of Beasville. While everyone is serious and well-aware that these preparations are the first big step in starting a rebellion, the thought of finding unexpected allies is a reassuring one.

The man called Fitz looks familiar to most of the Security Guards and it is Pietr who recognizes him as a former champion boxer, now retired.

The Night Security Team who came up the stairs with you introduce themselves as follows:

·          Sal Winner, former tech for the 18th Marik Militia Aerospace Division

·          Pietr Llewellyn, formerly of the 10th Marik Militia, Dispossessed, Disability Discharge

Tate introduces the Booth Guard as:

·          Dominic Vincent, former test pilot for the Brigadier Corporation

While Blowtorch quickly interviews each guard to find out their technical, you and Tate go off to the side for a quick discussion.

Tate wants to get to work as quickly as possible and get the mechs out of here before any Lyran patrols drop by. He listens to your concerns about trusting these strangers, but he wants to work with them. He never wanted to leave the military, and he likes this group’s style.

“I hope you can work with us Alexandre, you are too valuable a man to lose. If you can’t come with us, if you have to go with your daughter, I will understand… but – I hope you will fight with us. These are real, honest-to-God mechwarriors, man. I can feel it. And with them, we are going to smash the grip the Lyrans are putting around Oliver, and then kick them back to where they came from!”

Doing something like this is Tate’s dream. This is his chance to make that dream real.

He looks around at the work that is starting and tells you he has to discuss some important things with Mad Dog. “You think it over, Alexandre. I know you will make the right choice.”

The mechs are excellent shape and Sal has written complete reports about each mech. In order to depart, all that remains is for each pilot to have their neurohelmet formatted and registered to a specific mech, and for the weapon locks to be removed. You and the other guards have already prepped the mechs for active use, and have returned the engines to active status. It will not take long for the mechs to get moving again once the helmets are ready and the passwords for the weapons systems have been gotten from the curator or hacked by Blowtorch.

The four mechs on this level are the Guillotine, the Orion, the Thunderbolt, and the Thug. Two levels below, in the storage area, the remaining mechs have been freed from their storage cocoons and lined up for easy access and departure through the tunnel to the Museum’s loading dock and warehouse. These are two Hermes, a Hunchback, aGriffin, a Crusader, a Spider, and an Archer. The technical readout indicates that their exact specifications are:

·          Archer               ARC-2K

·          Crusader            CDR-2R

·          Griffin                GRF-1DS

·          Guillotine            GLT-4L

·          Hermes             HER-1S

·          Hermes              HER-1SB

·          Hunchback         HBK-4J

·          Orion                 ON1-M

·          Spider                SDR-5V

·          Thug                 THG-10E

·          Thunderbolt       TDR-5SE

As Blowtorch and Sal get to work formatting the neurohelmets (expected time: 1hr15m), Tate explains to Mad Dog that you have rigged radio detonators, sufficient to destroy all the electronics, into the cockpits of each of the 8 mechs that your team was planning to leave behind. Now that there are 8 pilots instead of 4, some of those detonators need to be removed, and decisions have to be made about which of the 11 mechs to leave, and whether or not to destroy those left behind. Even Tate, whose idea it was to rig the cockpits with explosives, is unsure if destroying them is something he really wants to do.

Pietr would like some help operating the elevator to lower the mechs down to the basement level. Tate and Mad Dog are going over Sal’s technical reports on each mech. Blowtorch and Sal are working on the neurohelmets. They will need to work with each for 15 or 20 minutes to get the helmets ready. You could be first.


After making sure all is alright for my little one and I will recontact them when they are at where they suppose to be I will go see Tate and Mag Dog…

Once I am next to them, I will say.

Looking at Mad Dog ” Sir, I might have an idea with the mech we will leave behind. I was a specialist of mech Myomer in my old unit. And I think instead of targeting the electronics with the explosive, I can put some charge in the lower leg inside the myomer. When detonated, in theory, that should just destroy the legs myomer making the mech unable to move and doing minimal damage to the structure as the mech would fall… The good with this is if we doing this at the same time, we will dispose of the mech all at the same time, and get them back if we have other mechwarrior. As well we would capture the other bastard that will pilot them and can interrogate them for info.”

I will look at Tate: We could plan the bomb that will be virtually undetectable for them, even if they search for it… We could make it as if we could not crack the electronics code and left in a hurry, like leaving a code cracker into the cockpit to make it look like we left really fast. Even if they search for it, they wont find it where I plan to put them, unless they remove all the legs myomer…. And as for the mech we should keep… All of them require ammo, but we should try to keep the heavy and assault… If we want to kill them, we need firepower…

I am going to wait for them to tell me what to do.


Mad Dog seems to really like your suggestion, but is also worried about time.

He replies, “You’re presenting a better alternative. Good work! No mechwarrior should just destroy an unmanned mech if he can help it, but booby-trapping the legs might be an acceptable alternative. If we have to face them in combat we might just end up obliterating them anyways, but this way they remain intact for later salvage but temporailly unusable. Good thinking! I’ll run it by the Captain – we are on a very tight schedule….  I am going to report to him now, while I am gone, how about getting your neurohelmet properly formatted by Blowtorch and… your associate,  Mr. Winner?

Before stepping away, he stops and asks, “You didn’t mention anything, but I must ask… Is everything alright with your girl?”


Yes she is, thanks for asking… We will have to pick them up at one point, when things settle a bit. As for time, I am use to work with Myomer, so I can do it quickly and not leaving a trace of it. Just let me know what you want… I will go see the sergeant and see if she need my help…

I will turn and go toward Blowtorch… Once I get there, I will ask her: Need some extra arms?


Blowtorch finishes tuning Sal’s neurohelmet, and then asks you to take a seat so she can tune yours. The helmets you have for the mechs have been downgraded to a civilian level, and will not allow you to control them efficiently or quickly in combat. She is going to return them to their proper levels and fine tune this helmet to perfectly match you.

She tells you that she knows the mechs have explosives wired into the cockpits, and asks for details on how that was done, so she can partner up with you to quickly remove them.

She also wants to talk about rigging detonators in the mechs’ legs. She seems to be very efficient, and organized. She asks you about your background as a tech.

As she works, Pietr and Fitz lower the 4 Display Mechs down to the 2nd Basement level. The other mechs are stored there. There is a large, short, tunnel which leads to a warehouse 1 block from here, at the edge of the park which surrounds the museum. This warehouse is used for bringing new displays into the museum. It is the easiest and least destructive way to leave the museum with the mechs.

In the Basement, you will be able to work on the mechs. The refit and repair bays are there. If the group decides to take the time to plant detonators in the mechs’ legs, it will take 3 of you and require about 1 hour [average roll] per mech. You will be leaving three mechs behind.


I will tell her that I don’t think it would be a good idea to remove the one on the electronics as the Lyran will probably check for the ones we left behind mech for booby traps. So we should keep them there and even hide them a bit more, but not too much just to make them check for it and think we made some effort to hide them. Also they should be hard to disarm as if we put something too easy to disarm they will get suspicious and will check for something else’s. I will tell her that in my old mercenary unit,  I was assigned to replacing the myomer muscles of mechs, so I know the dead spot in them and I can hide small charges inside the myomers instead of the leg joints which will make the bombs nearly invisible unless they remove completely the myomer bundles from the legs. And with that technique it will save us some time, will take us less than 3 hours to do the mechs we will keep behind. I think, with some help I can do it within 45 minutes for each mech. And the good thing with this is that we can lock them with a radio detonator and detonate them at a distance.


I will be making a big post later today. Here is some more information about the mechs, and the plan that Tate had that you can share with the others after I make my post.

Things you have noticed about the mechs from outside and inside the cockpits that others might not have seen:

  • The Orion has 2 SRM4’s
  • The Hermes being left behind is listed as a 1S model, but inside the cockpit it says it is a 1A.
  • The Hermes HER-1SB  has a very complicated and large sensor control panel, but it does not turn on. You are not sure if it requires a special passcode to operate it.

The mechs were supposed to be fresh from the factory, but you believe that people have fought in them before because of the way the controls and straps are organized.

Tate’s plan:

Tate keeps in contact with his old buddies in the Reserve Forces, and also has close friends in the 18th Marik Militia. His contacts are in both the Aerospace and Battlemech divisions.

He believes that there is an ammo dump about 150km north of the city, so his plan was to leave the museum through the warehouse loading dock, move through the city to the harbour, then head North along the coast as fast as possible before cutting inland to search for the ammo dump.

He planned to head further north, to Hanstanople, to seek out some survivalist friends if you could not locate any ammo.

He believed that it would be possible to escape from the city without fighting, and that if the Lyran lance in the city caught you, your mechs could take them out, even without ammunition.

Alexandre would also know

  • The Lyran Infantry and mechs are using the old Naval Base near the harbour as their barracks.
  • The city ofBeasvilledoes not have a military facility for mechs
  • Dominic mentioned that the Brigadier Corporation used to store ammunition at its Spaceport 10 years ago – but it was heavily guarded, and deep underground: Mechs cannot get to it, it must be brought to them by special loading vehicles.

You know that there is one Lyran lance in the city, as you have seen a Wasp, a Jenner, and a Clint, personally. Sal saw a Jenner. Dominic saw a Wasp. Tate thinks he saw a Commando. Pietr saw a Wasp and a Jenner patrolling together.


When Mad Dog returns from making his report to Captain Rom, the speed of everything shifts into high gear. By the time he arrives, the neurohelmets for the 4security guards have been unlocked and tuned to military standards, the 4 mechs on display in the museum’s Hall of Honour have been lowered down to the 2ndBasement Level with the others, and the tools and gantries have been brought into position to start work.

The first announcement Lieutenant Mel ‘Mad Dog’ Winters makes concerns which mechs will be taken and what is to be done with the ones left in the museum.

Giving the entrance and system access codes to Blowtorch he asks her to supervise the start-up of each mech and the formatting of each pilot’s neurohelmet to their mech.

As Alexandre is the only one certified in demolitions, Mad Dog asks him to personally supervise the removal of the explosive devices in the cockpits of the Spider SDR-5V, the Griffin GRF-1DS, the Hermes HER-1SB, and the CrusaderCDR-2R, and then work with Blowtorch on his plan to plant hidden explosive charges in the legs of the mechs being left here, the Archer ARC-2K, Hunchback HBK-4J,and Hermes 1S.

The mech assignments for this mission are as follows:

Captain Rom:                                                                                 Hermes          HER-1SB

Major Fitzsimmons:                                                                      Thunderbolt TDR-5SE

Master Sergeant Kadlec:                                                               Spider          SDR-5V

Myron Tate:                                                                                    Guillotine     GLT-4L

Alexandre Lechasseur:                                                                   Thug             THG-10E

Pietr Llewellyn:                                                                                Crusader        CDR-2R

Dominic Vincent/ Sal Winner:                                                        Orion           ON1-M

Lt.Winters:                                                                                         Griffin          GRF-1DS

Before dismissing everyone to resume their tasks, he calls everyone closer together for a quick discussion of some tactical details.

(1)”Have we been able to confirm as a group that the technical readouts I obtained from these computers and showed the Captain do indeed match the mechs we actually have?”

(2)”Have we as of yet been able to confirm that all mech systems: weapons, sensors, or any supposed Lostech/Star League technology is indeed both present and in functional condition and can be ready for battle?”

(3)”Have we eliminated completely the possibility that there is no ammunition available anywhere within a reasonable proximity and time frame? Tate, this is mostly for your group. Our intel and survey said ‘no’, but while working here did you become aware of any stored munitions, or munitions exhibits, or any other reasonable options?”

(4)”On transit here, our group had less-than-good intel regarding possible enemy forces. Has anyone seen or come across anything that would give us a better idea of what we might be up against? Fitz, I think you developed a hunch at one point if I’m not mistaken.”

(5)”Does anyone know of any positions, possible targets, or other Lyan assets that they would be forced to defend instead of act proactively. I’m speaking of a possible diversionary move by fast moving mechs—something to throw them off and make them react instead of figure out how to act against us.”


I will wait for everyone to talk, and I will tell them everything I know that was not already told so we wont lose any time overtalking. I will ask also if anyone else have family and what should we do to help them out? I will tell them that I have take care of my little girl for now, but it would be nice if we can help other man here who also have family…


During a period when you, Dominic, and Sal are waiting to get access to the last mech’s legs to plant the last explosive charge, Mad Dog takes the opportunity to talk with each of you. Eating, and drinking cool water, to keep sharp, he asks some questions to fill out his understanding of each of you, and let you know more of what is going on.

He says, “Before we get to final decisions or announcements, I wanted to talk to you gentlemen in private. There’s going to be some last-minute lance restructuring. If you have any questions about other operational matters, we can talk about them, too. First…” He looks at Pietr.

“Mr. Llewellyn, you are currrently still assigned to the main heavy lance, but I need a better understanding of your mech skills and what sort of roles you are best at. As a former member of the 10th Marik Militia, I trust you understand what I’m getting at. I don’t want to put a crack sniper in an assault role or vice versa. Also, you mentioned a disability, and you know I will need to know more about that… As a former member of the 10th myself, I feel I can count on you. So how about it? What roles do you think you can help us with the most for this mission? I’ll try to get you where you need to be to do the most good.”

Pietr nods his head, clears his throat and says, “I knew you’d ask.”  He looks at you, and he looks at the floor, and then…  he sits up straight, and looks Mad Dog right in the eye to say, “I was discharged under the psych regulations, Lieutenant. After I had my mech blown apart around me, I spent a few months in the hospital. I made a full recovery, but it turns out that physiotherapy also includes some kind of bullshit psychotherapy now. They pushed me to be ‘really honest about my feelings’ so I could “heal,” and they had me on all kinds of drugs for the pain and what they were calling ‘shock.’  I wasn’t in shock – I was grieving…  my mech…  that Wolverine had been in my family since my great-grandfather’s day. It hadn’t seen that much combat, but it always brought my family home from war safe, and they did the same… but not me… I lost it on what was supposed to be a routine patrol but the Steiner dogs ambushed us… two to one, three to one on our Lance Commander…  it was over before we knew what hit us….  we were able to salvage our mechs, but I was too badly wounded to even regain consciousness until a week after they decided to use my Wolverine as… scrap…”

He swallows hard. “They didn’t even tell me until I was nearing the end of physio.”

He looks away, knuckes white as his fists clench.

“A month after that, I was out of the service on a full disability, and no way to ever serve again… ‘An unacceptible emotional risk in combat.” He looks at each of you again, angry now like you have never seen him before. “Doctors!” is all he says, spitting the word like poison from his mouth.

There is a short, awkward silence… then Mad Dog clears his own throat and nods – changing the subject.

“The Captain has decided that there will be a third lance—a small strike lance. It might stay with the larger formation the whole time, or if certain circumstances arise, the Captain might order it to break off and take a lot of enemy attention for the benefit of the formation as a whole. A diversionary attack could be a possible example. MyGriffinwill now be in that lance, and I’ll lead it.

There will be one other mech in this lance—that’s you Mr. Lechasseur.

If it happens that we are ordered to break off and perform a separate task, we’ll likely be outnumbered. We will take a lot of fire, spit it back, and then regroup with the larger force when ordered. We might get support from the recon lance if ordered to do something like this, but if so ordered we will otherwise be biting off a lot of grief for the benefit of everyone else. We’ll need to haul ass back to the larger formation on our own or will fail to fufill our role and benefit to the force.



I will stand there for a couple seconds before asking “May I ask why me? And what mech you gonna assign me, as I guess we will need some kind of fire power, but also some speed to save our asses…”

Looking at my data pad, I bring up the Thug spec ” This thing is nice, but definitely too big to move fast enough to get out of there in time. Some jump capability would also be nice to have”. I will wait for his answer. If he told me he will change the mech or ask me what mech should I felt good with, I will tell him that I don’t care really, just make sure it has enough firepower that if we need to make something pay attention it  will, but with enough maneuverability to get the hell out.

Turning to Pietr “I know what you mean about docs, one day I tell you what they have done to me too”


When Mad Dog finishes, you wait for a couple of seconds before asking “May I ask why me? and what mech you gona assign me, as I guess we will need some kind of fire power, but also some speed to save our asses…”

You bring up the standard Thug specs on your data pad. “This thing is nice, but defenitly too big to move fast enough to get out of there in time. Some jump capability would also be nice to had”.

Mad Dog seems to understand that you don’t want any particular mech, you just want to prepare, and you are unafraid of the big brawlers, or the fast jumpers.

He lets you know that the Captain is conferring with Blowtorch now about the exact capabilities of these mysterious mechs, and he will announce the mech reassignments shortly.

As the clock is ticking, you need to get back to work on trapping the legs. On your way out, turning to Pietr, you say, “I know what you mean about docs, one day I tell you what they have done to me too.”

He gives you a thankful smile, and you head back out into the noise of the mech bay.

Stay Tuned for the next exciting installment!
Mounting Up!

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