Hair of the Dog PBeM Report ~ 5.4 BT&MD


Campaign: Hair of the Dog

Story 1: Running with the Big Dogs

Act 4: Bites, Scene 9 – Casing and Entering – PoV – Velika ‘Blowtorch’ Kadlec, and Mel ‘Mad Dog’ Winters

Mad Dog

“Blowtorch!”, Mel says in a hushed voice, “Unless, I’m mistaken, we either have to rush early across that bridge over there and pray no one sees us, or get prepared to swim our way over. That fucking thing is going to get raised!”


Hefting the dufflebag containing her neurohelmet and tools, Blowtorch returns in a sharp whisper, “You want to swim with this? Not me. Let’s take the bridge.”


[1 Edge returned to BT for timely on-the-ball-ed-ness]

How the bridge escaped everyone’s notice through multiple rounds of planning, and three independent reconnaissance reviews (Fitz on his own, Cool Hand on his own, MadDog and Blowtorch together) is a mystery best left to the gods of chance and war, but now that you find yourselves in the thick of it, Blowtorch’s assessment cuts to the heart of the matter: cross now, or try to swim freezing waters with heavy bags of gear. While complicated plans for rope and grapples start to bloom, the seconds continue their inexorable count down to a denial of choice. Any second now, the guard will flip the switch to raise the bridge!

Untrained in Intelligence Ops, and so far removed from what little infantry training you had to undergo in Basic in terms of stealthy urban movement that you may as well have had no training at all, you do what soldiers do best when things go sideways – you act decisively and with commitment.

Gathering up your heavy dufflebags, you head out into the chill, orange-tinted, street-light lit night, breath fog and snow flakes swirling around you. No one in the Tea Room pays any attention to you, and there is but one other person in the street. As you begin to cross the street diagonally from the brightly lit front of the Tea Room toward a darkened section of the Museum park toward the right of the front entrance you realize that person is Fitz, and he is walking right up to the guard booth.

Duffle bag over his shoulder, hat pulled tight over his ears, and collar up against the cold, he pounds on the glass of the guard booth and calls out in a slightly drunken tone, “Hey! Anyone in there?”

Is he causing a distraction to buy you two time to cross?

As you get to the other side of the street, about 30m from the booth, you can still make out Fitz’s loud words repeatedly asking for attention, but have lost sight of the interior of the guard booth. You are able to see the booth’s interior lights come back on though, and illuminate your lance mate in a clinical white glow which makes him look sickly and cold.

You hear a distorted sound of static and mumbling. The guard must be replying through a speaker.

Fitz responds, “Yeah – I’m lost. I am trying to find my way to my hotel, but all I can find is this bloody booth!”

Whatever Fitz’s plan is, two things are true: the bridge is still down, and the guard is distracted.

Mad Dog

I frown at the unfolding scene with Fitz. Taking another quick split-second look around before glancing towards the other side of the bridge where they need to go and then at Blowtorch, I nod at the sergeant and give the order, “Move… Let’s go!”


He doesn’t need to tell me twice. I will leap through the window of opportunity before it closes.


Dodging through the shrubbery to bypass the broad concrete walkway leading up to the bridge and thus avoid any direct sight lines to the booth, Mad Dog and Blowtorch both haul ass and gear.

Keeping the external camera positions in mind, they hoof it across the left side of the bridge once the closest camera pans away. They have an easy time keeping pace with each other, no need to hold back, or push too hard. [Run]

As they reach the far side, they catch sight of Cool Hand standing at the Security Desk, waving them toward a smaller door set off to the side. As they near, the light on the keypad next to it shifts from red to green. He must have triggered a door release from the security console. [Perception]

As they enter, he holds up a hand for them to stop, then waves them off to their left to circle the lobby and join him at his position.


[Quiet voice] “We should disable the security guards first.  Non-lethal preferred.  Then we should have the run of the place till first dawn.”


“Copy that, sir,” I reply quietly, nodding.

Mad Dog

I nod also in acknowledgment.

Once up to speed with the situation and the patrols we need to subdue or slip past, I’ll follow our leaders orders and keep a sharp eye out.


[Rejoining briefly for a shared Scene 9 experience: Read this first, but check your personal IC threads before responding]

The closest access to the restricted parts of the building are behind the Security Desk. These points of access are the elevators and a set of stairs.

Cool Hand slips behind the desk, flicks the lobby cameras back into normal motion, and then begins to fill out a short entry on the console, typing “pizza delivery” in the small space provided and closing the window.

As soon as he does so, a chat window pops up querying the delivery, “No deliveries scheduled” under the ID of HeadSec2.

The camera display console shows guards leaving the break room for a patrol, laughing and checking radio batteries, Fitz still haranguing the hapless booth guard, a woman in business attire and a man in a security guard’s paramilitary uniform arguing in the elevator, and otherwise empty corridors.

A light indicates that someone is indeed coming down from the top floor in the elevator. As there are but 3 floors, they will be here soon. The offices of the curator are the only locations listed for that floor.


[Quickly, in a low voice], “I can force a reboot or cut the power, maybe even fill this place with smoke from the ventilators, but all of these will tip the guards off that something’s up. What do we do?”


As the master tech is speaking, as if communicating on some other level, Mad Dog and Cool Hand suddenly break away from the console and take up position along the elevator wall. Mad Dog slips to the left of the elevator, partially hidden by the decorative stonework around its doors. Cool Hand presses into the corner next to a mop and bucket, where he will be obscured from view by the door when it opens.

Blowtorch is left in the middle, by the console, exposed with no idea what the men are up to.

The elevator door pings and begins to open. The sound of an ongoing argument spills out into the lobby, breaking off suddenly as they catch sight of Blowtorch.


“…called them? They could be on the way here – Hey!”

[Initiative worst to best: Security Officer – Blowtorch – Cool Hand/MadDog]

Oblivious to everything, the man charges out into the lobby, trying to draw his stun baton. The woman stays in the elevator.

Already furious, the sight of Blowtorch by the console sends his rage into orbit. His thinking must be clouded with seething anger, as he ignores the radio mouthpiece looped over his shoulder and fastened to his shirt. As he charges forward out of the elevator toward BT he is running flat out and will hit her before he can get his baton off his belt.


“What’s that? Oh…! Don’t hurt us!”

[Please respond in your Personal Threads and I will assemble the results through the fog of war]

Scene 9 Continues in separate threads for our heroes:

Mad Dog            Blowtorch                Cool Hand  

  It also introduces a new Player Character!

   Alexandre “Luckjaw” Lechasseur

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