Hair of the Dog PBeM Report ~ 5.3a1 CH:L


Campaign: Hair of the Dog

Story 1: Running with the Big Dogs

Act 4: Bites, Scene 9 – Casing and Entering – PoV – Captain Lucas Rom


Thursday, November 27, 3028

Beasville, Ward Marik Museum of Military History

3:00 PM

Changing your disguise is fairly easy as the intent is simply to combine the need to not look like yourself with the need to look like an easily dismissed, non-threatening, average citizen. A quick test passing through the lobby of the hostel to see if anyone notes the change gives you confidence that you have covered all the right bases. The hardest part is quite possibly having to wear such common, cheap, mass-market clothing in such bland and ubiquitous colours. [Disguise]

Adapting the manner of a non-descript human being is somewhat harder, but being a student of portraying humanity, you focus on the little things that matter more than anything: posture, gait, and rate of speech. This sort of deceit used to be second nature to you and although you have been out of the field for months, you slip into each of your chosen altered traits with just a little concentration and experimentation. [Acting]

Entering the museum brings you a touch of luck as as you are wandering through the mech exhibit with a gaggle of excited boys ostensibly on their way home from school, the portly guard with the sugar fetish you noticed this morning slips out of a recess in one of the further corners of the room beyond the Guillotine, with a guilty look and chocolate on his face. He takes a furtive glance around to ensure no one is looking, and a then makes a hasty departure, shift complete. Drifting over to the area, you can tell that it gets virtually no camera coverage, is quite far out of the way for a foot patrol to bother checking on a pass through the room, and best of all, has a small ledge in the wall just above head height on which you can lie flat and further reduce your profile. [Investigation]

Getting into the blind spot at the right moment, without detection is a frustrating period of adrenalin dumps and thudding heart beats, but finally, with a stiffening of determination and a certain ‘devil-may-care’ thrill, you manage it. [Stealth]  After waiting a reasonable amount of time for the guards to descend upon you, you find that you can relax. The final step, getting up on the ledge takes a little work as you haven’t scaled a wall since boot camp, but with your usual grace and poise, you manage it without a sound [Dex+Rfl].

There is nothing left to do, but survive the wait and the final inspection of the guards before they close the place up for the night.

The few remaining hours drag by on leaden combat boots, and each sound is magnified in importance and menace with each passing minute. A lesser man would panic and convince himself to flee, but you remain steady and silent atop the ledge, even when the cleaners sweep the floor beneath you without ever looking up. [Stealth]

7:30 PM

When the lights go out, it is a relief, and almost a surprise…did you doze off? A check of your chronometer indicates that you are still on schedule. As you glance about from the ledge just by slowly raising your head, you notice that the lobby lights are still on.

To get to the main doors, you will have to time your passage across the floor to dodge the two cameras, and pray that there are no hidden sensor devices that you and your lance mates missed. To sneak to another exit will mean crossing a lot of zones of security, and possibly running into a roaming patrol.

From your position on the ledge, you can hear two people talking… are there guards on the desk in the lobby? How long are they going to stay there? From the sounds of their conversation (women) they are settling in for a long night. Is there a guard out in the booth, too?

After a rough 20 or 30 minutes of waiting, their conversation ends with the sounds of the lobby elevator opening and closing. The lobby lights shut off, as do the heating vents.

7:57 PM

The exhibit is as silent as a tomb.

[Do you have further thoughts before I take the scene to the next crucial stage?]


Good so far.  A couple of ways I hope to react given situations.

-Deadly force is not a problem for anyone in a Lyran uniform.

-Non lethal force is preferred for museum staff, but I will switch to lethal if the mission requires it.  Guards like 12 sugers are probably so bored that they might even be enticed to help citing ‘general recruitment order 12 of SAFE’

-The same goes for the museum curator.  If the chance arises, and it seems like a reasonable risk, I will try to garner her aid after that conversation I saw.  She may even know mech pilots on site sympathetic to our cause.  I may have to suggest knocking her out or tying her up for the ruse though.

-Other than that, the plan is to stay on plan.  🙂


  • There have been no signs of Lyran soldiers on-site.
  • The only people in the building at this time should be you and the 5-man Squad.

Stealthily making your way out from the behind the line of mechs, while avoiding the glassy eye of the security cameras takes time, but does not seem to tax you too much. Unless someone is playing a curious game of cat and mouse with you, you are very certain you have not attracted anyone’s attention.

Creeping out to the security desk [Stealth], you make note of the log sheet and take a quick poll of the camera monitors [Covert] to determine the number of occupants still in the building. A notation has been made at the top of the log indicating a tech crew will be arriving at 6 AM. Two bullet points under that notation are Hall of Honor, and Bridge. After numerous planning meetings, the briefing this afternoon, based on the independent reconnaissance data collected by your three teams – everyone missed the significance of the fact that they raise the drawbridge at night!  [Intelligence]  Glancing out the lobby windows, you see that the bridge is still down, and you are pretty sure that the lights are on in the guard booth again.

According to the log, the day staff has all signed out except for the curator and two security guards. The 5-man night shift has all signed in.

A split second later you catch sight of two figures laden with heavy duffel bags, obviously sneaking out of the park bushes to run to the bridge and then race across it. From their size and gait, you know it is Mad Dog on the outside left of the bridge, with Blowtorch keeping pace.

If anyone checks the cameras, they will be seen. They are between 20 and 30 meters from the door when you identify them, moving at a run.


Damn, didn’t we set up enough time for me to take out some cameras or guards?  And I assume the door is alarmed…

OK, with no time to go to the guard room, I will try disable any simple alarms on the door before opening.  Probably a trigger release or something which could be held down with tape or gum (or my finger for the few seconds to get them in).  Once the door is open, I whisper.  “Follow me and on my signals” And I lead them to the closest spot out of camera range.  I will coordinate the movements by going first, alone, when the camera position is pointed away, then signal them to follow my footsteps one at a time.


The guard station has a console for the facility’s various doors, one section of which is labelled ‘deliveries.’  You suspect that any use of these controls will be logged, but it seems likely that no alarms will be triggered. With a set-up like this, it is likely that someone will take note of the door’s opening and come to inquire. If someone is monitoring the desk right now, alarms might be raised, but at that point your allies would already be inside. [Covert, please note that many of these actions should be covered by skills like Security, and that lack begs a remedy~]

You have a feeling that physically opening the door is either not possible, or likely to set off an immediate alarm. The lesser of the two evils seems to be to use the console.

The camera console has a small joystick and buttons for each camera. In a moment, you have turned the cameras to a less problematic position.

From your position at the desk, you can also see Fitz in front of the guard booth, having some sort of animated discussion through the glass with the guard on duty there. The access door to the tunnel under the moat to the guard booth is next to the desk.

A very complicated communications console is next to the security console. With a little effort you are fairly sure that you can reach any room in the building.

You take all of this in a heartbeat, and then let them in as they arrive. No alarm sounds, but a small notation of the door opening at 8:01pm is added to a long list of items on the guard screen. A small text box opens next to it allowing the desk guard on duty to enter a reason.

8:01:16 PM – Lobby Access Door Open – 8:01:29 PM Lobby Access Door Closed  Purpose: ___________________________________________

Mad Dog and Blowtorch make their way inside and at your waved signal, step clear of the doorway, further out of sight of the camera.


-CHL will input ‘pizza delivery’ on the screen as the reason for the door opening, if such a keyboard entry is allowed.

-He will try to direct MD and BT to the elevators while avoiding as many cameras as possible.  His plan is to send the elevator down once empty, in case anyone was watching, then call for it again.  If anyone comes up, we disable them.  Then we plan to ride the elevator down on the second trip.  We will try make disabling the guards our first priority, and grab a com device off the first guard we disable. (Stun stick will be my preferred)

-We then go to the steps laid out in our time table, with focus on getting the mechs ready quickly.

-I hope to put MD in the Guillotine, me in the T-Bolt, Fitz in the thug, and BT in the Hermes for quick escape in case needed.  If other mechs are available downstairs, I may reconsider.

-I plan to personally do a detailed sensor sweep at the exit to check for hidden laser towers or museum defenses.  We will try to disable those quickly on the way out.

-If someone on the inside offers to help us we will use those defenses as a test.  If they help us disable them, then they can be trusted (somewhat).


[Rejoining briefly for a shared Scene 9 experience: Read this first, but check your personal IC threads before responding]

The closest access to the restricted parts of the building are behind the Security Desk. These points of access are the elevators and a set of stairs.

Cool Hand slips behind the desk, flicks the lobby cameras back into normal motion, and then begins to fill out a short entry on the console, typing “pizza delivery” in the small space provided and closing the window.

As soon as he does so, a chat window pops up querying the delivery, “No deliveries scheduled” under the ID of HeadSec2.

The camera display console shows guards leaving the break room for a patrol, laughing and checking radio batteries, Fitz still haranguing the hapless booth guard, a woman in business attire and a man in a security guard’s paramilitary uniform arguing in the elevator, and otherwise empty corridors.

A light indicates that someone is indeed coming down from the top floor in the elevator. As there are but 3 floors, they will be here soon. The offices of the curator are the only locations listed for that floor.


[Quickly, in a low voice], “I can force a reboot or cut the power, maybe even fill this place with smoke from the ventilators, but all of these will tip the guards off that something’s up. What do we do?”


As the master tech is speaking, as if communicating on some other level, Mad Dog and Cool Hand suddenly break away from the console and take up position along the elevator wall. Mad Dog slips to the left of the elevator, partially hidden by the decorative stonework around its doors. Cool Hand presses into the corner next to a mop and bucket, where he will be obscured from view by the door when it opens.

Blowtorch is left in the middle, by the console, exposed with no idea what the men are up to.

The elevator door pings and begins to open. The sound of an ongoing argument spills out into the lobby, breaking off suddenly as they catch sight of Blowtorch.


“…called them? They could be on the way here – Hey!”

[Initiative worst to best: Security Officer – Blowtorch – Cool Hand/MadDog]

Oblivious to everything, the man charges out into the lobby, trying to draw his stun baton. The woman stays in the elevator.

Already furious, the sight of Blowtorch by the console sends his rage into orbit. His thinking must be clouded with seething anger, as he ignores the radio mouthpiece looped over his shoulder and fastened to his shirt. As he charges forward out of the elevator toward BT he is running flat out and will hit her before he can get his baton off his belt.


“What’s that? Oh…! Don’t hurt us!”

[Please respond in your Personal Threads and I will assemble the results through the fog of war]

Continued HERE!

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