Hair of the Dog PBeM Report ~ 5.1a CH:L


Campaign: Hair of the Dog

Story 1: Running with the Big Dogs

Act 4: Bites, Scene 6 PoV – Captain Lucas ‘ Cool Hand Luke’ Rom


November 22, 3028 – Hanachi Military Academy Medical Ward


While Fitz continues to chat with you, Westerlie excuses herself with a nod at each of you, and follows Mad Dog and Blowtorch out the door of the infirmary.


“Westerlie:  before you go.  I’d like you to take a look at that control table in the scorpion lair.  That is the one piece of equipment that only senior, trusted officers will even know about.  We need it in a secure room, and try get a feel for what sensors can do and what we can add.  Both internal and external sensors if you get my drift”

Westerlie nods as she hurries from the room to catch the other two.

GM: Fitz

“There are two mechjocks at our paygrade who work for Brigadier that I would trust implicitly, and a few more who can be trained. Not all of them have seen the inside of a combat ready mech, but some of the machines they use in the mines are bigger and boast more complicated payloads than most mechs. When the doc lets me out of here, I can feel them out and see if they are up for leaving their cushy jobs behind for a job on the front lines… one even has his own ‘mech – a Trebuchet. Works security for the company. Would you like me to do that?”


[OOC:  I think this is the point that CHL will be giving orders that even MD and BT will not necessarily know.  I don’t think he will keep them out of the loop on planning or resources, but some of the independent missions that CHL gives other officers.  ]

“Fitz, I trust your judgement.  Feel them out.  It sounds like they could be brought up to the level of our students at least quite quickly.  Do you have any contacts in management that we can approach for mine work and let them know there is an alternate government out there?”

GM: Fitz

“I have contacts in the police and emergency services, most of the good bars, and in the mines. I think our best contacts in Brigadier management will be Coy and Kyle, to be honest. I don’t their parents are even on Oliver anymore. Their positions in the company are as much inherited as earned, and like any red-blooded citizen of the League, the miners’ll have no love lost on the Lyrans – that’s for sure. Maybe it’s time those two claimed their inheritance early?”


[OOC]  I knew Coy and Kyle had family business connections, but could you tell me exactly what I know about their parents and place on the local business?  First in line, or 4th cousin?


Both boys’ parents are very highly placed in Brigadier, and they will inherit those positions should something happen to their families. The parents are major share holders and sit on the board of directors. Coy’s father is in the Aerospace Division and spends much of his time on Gibson, but has been attached here to the Mech Division during the boy’s enrolment in HMA.

Kyle’s father is actually the CEO of Quickcell, but the boy chooses to pass himself off as the son of a lesser manager in Brigadier. The Dean helps makes this lie possible on HMA’s end. Presumably someone in Brigadier does the same. Kyle is the 2nd son, and this truth is a part of his fictitious life as the 2nd son of the VP of private security in Brigadier.

CH:L would have known this for quite some time.

Additional secrets passed on to Rom via the Dean after the meeting are that the museum mechs are indeed in pristine working condition, and that there is an antique of the Terran Hegemony in the museum as well: a Manatee dropship. He has no idea if it could ever fly again.

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