Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2 -Turn 4b/5a

Turn 4 of the second Battletech Lunchtime Challenge replaced the danger to the Hermes with danger for the Jenner, while displaying a calm demeanour for our harried Atlas pilot. With a decisive declaration of fire of 4 medium lasers and the SRM6 the Atlas opened up at short-range on the Jenner. Take a look at the clip to see what transpired!

Return fire from the pursuing lance scored one medium laser hit rom the beleaguered Hermes, and three out of three for the sorely oppressed Jenner, but there is a long way still to go to get through all that armour… particularly if initiative keeps being won by the Defender!

In the next clip, we will once again learn how the Atlas will move and attack in response. Only three more turns remain until reinforcements, for one side or the other, will arrive.

Choices and chances come and go.  What would you do if these choices were yours?


Turn 4B and Turn 5a

Stay tuned!
5 Responses to “Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2 -Turn 4b/5a”
  1. Gillbertto Mussolini says:

    Once again declaring a Run, the atlas will move ahead one, turn one facing to the right and proceed three hexes towards the Jenner. For firing, Yon Jenner will be sustaining the standard 4 medium lasers, one SRM6 and, if we are allowing physical attacks, a charge.

  2. Kensan_Oni says:

    I don’t know. If I was the Atlas, I’d do a walk, spin around, and move up to the Hermes, and start smashing with it’s fists, on top of a SRM and AC20 shots. If the Hermes doesn’t fall, I’d be surprised.

  3. Runeslinger says:

    @ Gil~ A charge! The first physical attack in the whole series of challenges~

    @ Kensan_Oni
    The exact conditions of the scenario are laid out in the first post in this series, but in brief, the Atlas is low on ammunition and no longer has any shots for the AC20. While I am partial to the idea of the Atlas battering the Hermes to death, Gillberto Mussolini, the player of that mech, disagrees and wants to achieve his mission objectives… He is being totally unreasonable 😉

  4. Gillbertto Mussolini says:

    I promise the next scenario I am in will be a BLOODBATH

  5. Kensan_Oni says:

    Sorry. I wasn’t paying attention that first few episodes. 😦 In either case, just consider me a cheering session for total carnage!

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