Battletech Lunchtime Challenge – Turn 1a

Turn 1 of the second Battletech Lunchtime Challenge takes shape with movement and the Attacker’s declaration of fire. The Defender made a bold dash toward the goal, while the Attackers swept in behind him and let loose with an uncharacteristically successful barrage of fire from medium lasers.

Closing the Distance

Battle has been joined and first blood drawn. Will the mighty Atlas reciprocate in kind, or just continue its dash for the security of its own lines?

Going to Extremes

Will the light mechs be able to sustain a high enough rate of movement and of fire to bring their opponent down?

What of the potential for reinforcements…?

Will I learn to recognize patterns of small dots?



Stay tuned!
8 Responses to “Battletech Lunchtime Challenge – Turn 1a”
  1. GIllbertto Mussolini says:

    Is this a lake area or a swamp? I can’t tell with all these mosquitoes.

    (Oh Snap)

    If I recall correctly, there is a laser on each arm, and everything else is front facing. As such, I would like to declare a torso twist to the right and fire with the right arm laser on the jenner, for preference, with the hermes as a second choice. The AC20 should start spinning up as well, getting ready.

    (as a side note, 5+1 is 6, not 7 🙂 )


    • Runeslinger says:

      RE: 5+1… I am torn between my day job at the Department of Arguments (No it isn’t) and my part-time job as religious artifact fusilier (1…2…5!) for my response. I will get back to you on that.

      Your memory is correct, the Atlas mounts medium lasers on each arm. I will start the next clip with resolving your round of fire. Please include your next movement as well~

      • Gillbertto Mussolini says:

        Ah yes, my apologies. Movement: Again, if I recall correctly, the Atlas moves at 3/5, so I will declare yet another run; three hexes straight and two rotations to the right.

  2. faraday77 says:

    Hm…two things:

    -> the Hermes II has a AC/5 and a ML, not two ML The autocannon was on short range, so that should have been a TN 7.

    -> the Atlas has two ML facing the rear, so the torso twist was unnecessary/suboptimal. 😉

    That said, I’m looking forward to the next videos. ^^

    • Runeslinger says:

      Hello~ Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
      That is true about the Hermes II, but this scenario features a 1A. It has standard armour and internal structure, and carries 2 ML and a Flamer. I don’t think the flamer will see much action ` 😉
      That is also true about the Atlas, but don’t say that too loud or my opponent will hear you and start using them!

  3. faraday77 says:

    …I’m having a serious Homer moment here. My apologies, I somehow thought you were using only units from the box set record sheets. ^^;

    • Runeslinger says:

      That is an easy conclusion to draw, and now that I think about it, I think the only place the specific mech variants used are mentioned is in the text of the initial post setting up the scenario, so – no need for a “D’oh!” 😉

      As I am on the other side of the earth from my miniatures, apart from the ones in the box set, I will be restricted to using those, but I plan to use a wider variety of record sheets. My tendency is to play in the 4th Succession War era, so… typically no Star League tech, and no Clan tech.

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