Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 1: End of Turn 6

Turn 6 of the challenge was another round of massive concentrated fire of each side on a single mech of the other, but without the fiery detonations of Turn 4.  The Rented Swords lightly damaged the Panther again and the Regular Irregulars maintained their fire on the Quickdraw, and scored significant hits on the Assassin and Quickdraw. The Dervish launched two successful attacks with its LRMs earning two criticals on the Assassin – both engine hits. The Quickdraw took a critical in the Left Torso, losing the use of its LRM10. The Rented Swords had announced dumping the ammunition for the Quickdraw’s LRM anyway, so no real loss there.

Initiative for Turn 6 ridiculously resulted in another Rented Swords win, so the Regular Irregulars’ offensive options remain restricted. The lance gathered at the edge of the objective zone, guarding the retreat of the heavily damaged Clint. Their escape seems assured. What will the Rented Swords do?

The end is nigh?

Clint did not feel lucky...

Lunchtime Challenge

Rented Swords Movement

Resolving the Turn

Stay Tuned for Turn 7!

One Response to “Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 1: End of Turn 6”
  1. Runeslinger says:

    In comments posted to YouTube, HunterCD has conceded victory to BF Wolfe in the first Battletech Lunchtime Challenge, citing problems in the first two turns, and poor rolls as reasons for the loss.

    As always, I remain interested in discussing the thought process behind why certain tactics were chosen and what other options strike observers as possibly being better choices to have made. Thoughts, anyone?

    The next Battletech Lunchtime Challenge, a scenario featuring fewer mechs, will be posted in a day or two.

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