Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 1: End of Turn 3

Turn 3 of the challenge has been resolved with the Rented Swords again scoring damage on the Dervish for a third straight round – this time 39 points of it and earning a crit in the left arm. Their Trebuchet and the battered Assassin also managed to score hits on the Panther. The Commando and Quickdraw put in a very strong performance, however, with the Quickdraw’s totally successful strike with all forward facing weapons being primarily responsible for the devastating damage dished out on the Dervish.

It wasn’t all roses, however, there was some manure as well. The Regular Irregulars, seeing the Commando come out of hiding, while the Assassin went into retreat, took advantage of the poor firing solutions available for the Trebuchet and Quickdraw and hammered the Commando for its temerity. Although taking siginificant damage (23 points) no criticals were earned. The Clint, following up on the Assassin, however, scored a Gyro hit, on a three for three hit which stripped most of the useful armour off of the fleeing mech.  [Update: This result was later retconned due to a positioning error, vanishing as though it had never been.]

In other news, the dice, which seemed so brutally cold when first unboxed, really came to life this turn with a run of high numbers I can hardly believe. It was like playing Risk with your tactically inept Aunt Sue who can’t figure out which countries to take without help, but can throw sixes like nobody’s business. [Update: due to the positining error for the Assassin, none of that matters – no matter how great a streak it was.]

Initiative for Turn 4 once again resulted in the Rented Swords declaring movement second, so the Regular Irregulars were once again forced to move the entire lance first, which, after a quick sensor sweep for the missing pilot, rounds out the events of Turn 3. The Irregulars made some bold moves but the tide of always losing initiative is definitely working against them.
The next clip will begin with defender movement and then resolve firing.
Cover and Covering Fire

Resolving Turn 3

In this Turn, the lack of movement modifiers generated by the Regular Irregulars really allowed the stationary, but partially covered Rented Swords to dish out punishment. The Regular Irregulars, still staying in formation, returned the favour, but it may already be too late… unless they can retrieve the pilot and make their escape.

Lunchtime Challenge

Stay Tuned for Turn 4!

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