Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 1: End of Turn 2

Turn 2 of the challenge has been resolved with the Rented Swords again scoring damage on the Dervish, but in a surprising turn around, the Assassin was pelted from all sides taking 36 points of damage, and suffering the loss of the left shoulder actuator, internal damage in the Centre Torso did not yield a critical. All the other mechs survived unscathed.

Initiative for Turn 3 resulted in the Rented Swords declaring movement second, so the Regular Irregulars were once again forced to move the entire lance first, which, after a quick sensor sweep for the missing pilot, rounds out the events of Turn 2. The next clip will begin with defender movement and then resolve firing.
Turn about is fair play~

End of Turn 2

In this Turn, the Rented Swords stood in place to lower movement modifiers in hopes that it would increase accuracy. The Clint was the focus of their ire, with the strike on the Dervish being something of a surprise attack. The Regular Irregulars, staying in formation, took advantage of terrain to rain retribution down on the Assassin… and there was much rejoicing.

Lunchtime Challenge

Stay Turned for Turn 3!

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