Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 1: End of Turn 1

Turn 1 of the challenge has been resolved with the Rented Swords being the first to score damage, hitting both the Clint and the Dervish for some interesting damage. The Clint has been reduced to just a single point of armour on the Left Torso, while the Dervish took a minor shot to the head. The Rented Swords survived unscathed.

As things stand now~

End of Turn 1

Initiative for Turn 2 resulted in the Rented Swords declaring movement second. The next clip will begin with their movement and then resolve firing. These next few rounds will be important in terms of locating and dealing with the pilot of the downed Atlas, so it should be interesting to see how positioning pans out. Is anyone curious how that is being conducted?

Joining HunterCD for the end of the round was BF Wolfe, whose tactics will begin to show up more in subsequent rounds. If you have not yet looked over his evaluation of this match-up, you might like to take a look: Here

HunterCD has gotten the Quickstart Material available on the Classic Battletech Site, and gotten himself up to speed pretty quickly. If he can keep focused, he has the firepower to overwhelm the enemy. The question is, can he deny them their mission objectives.



Lunchtime Challenge


Stay Turned for Turn 2!

Speak your piece~

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