Serial Setting 1: Week 16 ~ Ubiquity

This is the 16th weekly instalment of this year’s Serial Setting project, and it adds more to my island setting in the South Pacific intended for use with Hollow Earth Expedition or Daring Tales of Adventure. Ostensibly a corporate holding off the usual shipping lanes, known to savvier career sailors in the region as a possible refuge between Pitcairn and French Polynesia, the Windlet Isles strangely represent both peaceful community living in an island paradise, and secrets perhaps best left unexplored. This month’s entries have been looking at some of the more dangerous jobs on the islands, and start peeling back the veils obscuring the mysteries to be found in the interior.

16. Gast Aquatic Mining and Engineering

One of the newest branches of the company, and certainly one of the most adventurous, Gast Aquatic Mining and Engineering has been exploring for undersea natural resources using sophisticated diving equipment, and perfecting its techniques for undersea construction, rescue, reclamation, and resource mining in the challenging waters between Lysette Isle and the rest of the Windlet island chain.

Skilled divers and underwater researchers are in high demand by this arm of the company, and many opportunities exist to test cutting edge designs, and break or set scores of records. While the work is incredibly dangerous, and many of the technologies are both untried and likely to fail during tests, the rewards are unparalleled.

Undertaking rigorous testing, and enduring punishing physical training to qualify as a test diver or undersea miner is expected, but the adventurous nature of the division and the lifestyle and attitude that comes with such work, has infected the staff with a devil-may-care attitude that demands results, and expects every man to exceed all boundaries. The world’s newspapers may still be caught up in the glories of flight, but these men know the real adventure is waiting for us beneath the waves.

Usual Suspects: Burton “Mr. Frost” Carey

Test diver, and daredevil, Burton Carey is the man to beat in this very elite cadre of professionals and adventurers. No man has gone deeper, nor accomplished as much, and no man has even come close to the steely way he puts his life on the line with each and every modification of the company’s dive suit design. No one is joking when they say that the man has ice in his veins.

Carey is less than average height, but is densely packed with muscle, and seems born to swim. His grey eyes take in every detail around him, and pierce challengers like those of a hawk. Dark haired, with an indelible tan from a lifetime working on boats and playing in the waves, he presents an intensity and force not unlikely the ocean he loves.

Carey came to the islands at the special request of the Administrator to head the new division, but opted to work as lead diver and tester instead. He seems to have no ambition other than to redefine the way man works in and on the sea – and he seeks to achieve this goal with his own hands.

Rumors: Heard among the fishermen and possibly among their wives

  • Not all the deaths in test dives have been accidental, they are often Carey’s rivals
  • Some of the world’s top experts are very interested in the company, but refuse to work with Carey
  • Carey used to be in a secret branch of the military doing much the same sorts of experiments
  • Carey hopes to achieve a technology so small and effective that man will be able to ‘swim like a fish’
  • The company is mining for something that has the US State Department very interested
  • The divers have been armed heavily since an underwater mapping drill resulted in the loss of three men
  • The division will be presenting a new variation on the bathysphere which will revolutionize undersea exploration
  • The division is partially funded by recovering valuables from shipwrecks all over the world



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