Serial Setting 1: Ubiquity ~ Week 12

This series of posts is intended to provide a quickly usable setting for busy GMs looking to run Daring Tales of Adventure or Hollow Earth Expedition.   Each serial installment for the setting builds on, connects to, or in some way embellishes those that have gone before. Story seeds are liberally strewn throughout, and each entry features a location and a typical person to encounter there.

 This Serial Setting for the Ubiquity Roleplaying System focuses on the mysterious Windlet Islands, and those who make them their home.


12. The Windlet Constabulary, Windlet Settlement,  Greater Windlet Island

Policing is a somewhat convoluted issue on the islands, and the existence of the Windlet Constabulary is still very new. When the settlement was first begun in 1906, little thought beyond the judicious use of Company security personal was given to the need for law enforcement. As the site grew into a real community, and as trades sprang up with limited or no ties to the company, the need for a professional and unaffiliated police force made itself apparent.

Less than five years old in its current form, the Constabulary is not the islanders’ first thought when trouble strikes. A long tradition of relying on one’s family and friends, then the Company definitely takes precedence. Other options, such as taking matters up with representatives of whatever authority can influence the wrong-doer, are also considered before going to the Constabulary.

All of this drives the Chief Constable to distraction, privately, but in public, he is working hard to establish his force in the fabric of the community. Although the islands are the sole property of the Company, there are those who believe that regardless of ownership, the islands should still have a clear allegiance to a governing nation and adhere to its laws. Such talk is popular with newcomers, and nationalists, but does not get much traction with those born on the islands, or who were involved with the evolution of a simple storage compound, into a thriving community. 

The Constables are responsible for keeping the peace, and responding to and investigating complaints and claims of wrong-doing. Their mandate covers public misdemeanours, vandalism, theft, crimes of violence, and most issues regarding transients. They are expressly prohibited from involvement in cases of fraud, real-estate issues, labour disputes, customs, and immigration. These items are handled by the Company’s security department.

Uniforms are light-weight, khakis. The shirt is short-sleeved, and worn with trousers. Most officers complain of the heat, particularly if they come from cooler climes, but no movement has been made to shift the uniform to wearing shorts. Constables are armed with a .38 revolver, truncheon, and Albright flashlight. The revolver is primarily for use against small predators which make their way into the settlement over the fence. Use of the weapon in other contexts is strictly controlled.

Usual Characters: Chief Constable Sam Perry

Sam Perry is a lean man with an ambitious look in his dark eyes. He struggles with the heat, and often looks exhausted and foul-tempered. He actually has a reasonable disposition, but can be known to have a short fuse in the face of stupidity.Perry, almost entirely by force of will, and relentless logic, has recreated the Constabulary from the ground up, providing a police force that he hopes the local populace will be proud of. He privately hopes to wrest control of all ‘police matters,’ including the operation and patrolling of the fence from the Company before the end of the decade.

Average height, slightly under-weight, Sam is known to be surprisingly strong and agile. Although the climate is taking its toll on his health, he does his best to keep in fighting trim. He can frequently be found struggling through exercises, or practicing wrestling and submission grappling techniques with other off-duty constables. In his late 30’s, Perry is just starting to show some grey hair, and his face is beginning to soften with age. As a young man, he had a hawkish cast to his features which made him looking hungry and distrustful. Now, he just looks distrustful.

Rumours: Typically heard among people with something to hide from the police~

  • Perry and the Administrator do not see eye-to-eye on anything
  • Perry wants to represent US territorial concerns on the island and is often in touch with the State Department
  • Perry is investigating the docks closely – despite the restriction on his mandate
  • Perry patrols the fence whenever he can
  • Perry has an eye for very young ladies
  • Perry has a violent temper, and the lock-up is not a safe place during interrogations
  • If convinced he is right, he will not rest until he completes a job… or hunts a man down
  • Perry is looking to increase the size of the force over the course of this year


Much will be revealed… soon!



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