Saturday Seed – 31 (’45 Psychobilly Retropocalypse)

In hopes of significant improvements in the lives of all people everywhere, this seed is being planted for Postmortem Studios’ magnificent ’45: Psychobilly Retropocalypse.

The Seed:

Rock 'n Roll will never die~

The kernel of this little seed is ‘the new guy in town’ and wherever your town is, you know the guy I mean… cooler than you, probably better looking, better hung, a better sweet-talker, most definitely a better dancer, and by all that’s holy, his ride just can’t be beat. He was made to be hated by lesser men, and adored by the women of those men. Bastard.

Planting the seed:

Not long ago, on the outskirts of town, not quite where the radiation hits the road, but close enough to seem edgy and dangerous, someone began to renovate the old Crockett farm. Seemingly overnight, the old farmhouse was returned to a presentable state, and the huge barn had been converted into a roadhouse advertising cold beer, thick steaks, and hot women.

The owner? You guessed it, Mr. Better-Than-All-of-You-Local-Men. Not only is he the owner, but he also is the lead singer and lead guitarist of the hottest, most swinging rockabilly trio this side of anywhere. Double bastard!…!!

What’s going on?

What’s going on, are you blind? He’s stealing all the women, and none of the “hot women” already at the bar will give the local guys the time of day unless you pay them!

Perhaps it is the contamination of the water supply, or perhaps it is the rads in the air and the food everyone eats, but it takes the town some time to figure out that women are being stolen all right… in the literal sense, not the figurative one everyone picked up on right away.

Through a combination of mutated sex appeal, hypnotic vocal science, rockabilly love-magic, the all-powerful, leg-spreading persuasion of a masterfully played guitar, and a dose of some foul concoction slipped into their drinks, local women, one by one…. or sometimes in pairs if the mood is right, are being lured into servitude in the basement love dungeon and laboratory of the Evil Rockin’ Doctor Phantom Burke!

It’s up to your players to save them and earn a hero’s reward… which is probably nothing more than a chaste kiss.  Triple Bastard!…!!!


Exactly what sort of shenanigans the Evil Rockin’ Doctor Burke is up to in the basement can be left to your imagination and the level of atomic madness which populates your game world. I have noticed a distinct difference in the level of madness visible between the NTSC and PAL versions of products presented in Imaginatovison.

I would suggest a chop-shop motif wherein the Evil Doctor Burke is seeking to create the most perfect of women, combined with a harem full of leftovers and a mail-order second hand gal service for the truly failed experiments.

Running the Seed:

Lots of avenues exist for the characters to involve themselves in this seed from rescuing their own girls to simply doing what is right. Of course, there are those out there who will want to oust Burke from his own scheme and supplant him, but… whatever.

Keep it light and fast. Provide opportunities for the crew to maneuver in whatever direction feels best, from challenging the Doctor’s band to a duel… either musically or martially. From stealth to frontal assault, to organizing the town to light torches and march on the town, there are many ways this might go down… and all of them can be maximum cool~


2 Responses to “Saturday Seed – 31 (’45 Psychobilly Retropocalypse)”
  1. GRIM says:

    The link you give is actually redacted, but people can go poke at my site ( and look for it at Lulu or RPGNOW.

    Thanks for the seed, looks good 🙂

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