Serial Setting 1: Ubiquity ~ Week 5

The second month of my serial setting for Ubiquity begins with the major industry for the Windlet Islands. This series of posts is intended to provide a usable setting for busy GMs looking to run Daring Tales of Adventure or Hollow Earth Expedition.

5. Windjammer Exports, Windlet Settlement, Greater Windlet Island

The largest single employer, and the largest public holding of the Company, Windjammer Exports occupies a series of buildings near the inland perimeter of the Settlement, most of which are warehouses. Two are large, rectangular, single-storey dormitories for security and technical specialists brought to the facility to work on materials collected, prepared, and exported by the Company. One is an L-shaped, three storey administrative center combined with a small community center, complete with All-American Diner (whose cook is a French-Canadian and quite possibly prepares the best pancakes and the best french fries in or out of civilized territories).  While all facilities are part of the Company’s primary Windlet Settlement Compound, with restricted access, the public can make use of the Diner during lunch and supper hour, when its independent street access is open.

The complex maintains a motor pool, and most of the island’s heavy construction equipment is kept and maintained here. The site is linked by private road to the A&R Center, and by public roads to the Settlement, and thereby the commercial pier and Windjammer’s private extension of it.

Usual Characters: Serge Martin

Cook, poet, self-proclaimed excellent kisser, three time ball-room dance champion of Montreal, and retired cartographer, Serge Martin is known more for his perfect french fries (served with mayonnaise for no comprehensible reason) than his more cultural achievements. He refers to his kitchen as a cathedral and makes no bones about a contention that God moves among the pots and pans, deep friers, and cutting boards. He states boldly, “Show me a priest who spreads as much joy as I do, and I will show you a congregation getting high on communion wine!”

Serge recently finished a huge, artistic rendition of the Islands for the large, back wall of the Diner, and hopes each resident will come and sign it on the general location of their house.

Serge is a very small man with impossibly muscled forarms, covered in sailor’s tattoos, and a near-perfectly curved pot belly grown, according to him, from only the finest ingredients…namely his home brew – which he shares with no one. His dark hair has receded past the crown of his head, and his skin is usually burnt and red. His blue eyes are watery, but unwavering, and he has a quick smile and an equally quick frown. The local children call him Stormy, but the nickname has not yet caught on.


Potentially heard at an inter-island softball game, or the Tart Banana. 

  • He is a good hand with throwing knives
  • He studied art in Paris as a child and young man
  • He likes cooking a good meal, but never seems to enjoy one himself. Some say he often has stomach pains.
  • There is a large tattoo of a woman’s face on his back
  • He gets mail from all over the world
  • He writes at least two letters each day
  • Some claim to have heard him claim the Administrator saved his life in Egpyt and that is why he works here now.
  • He personally trains his waitresses in self-defense.


More secrets will be uncovered!


Stay Tuned!

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