Saturday Seeds – 25 (Mechwarrior)

This seed is being potted for ‘A Time of War,’ the excellent new edition of the Mechwarrior RPG.

Now that I am embroiled in a campaign using this system, all sorts of ideas are starting to surface, some of which are much better and less work than the one I actually opted to use for my campaign setting. I am not sure if this idea is one of those, but it certainly has legs and knows how to use them.

The Seed:  Headhunters

This seed will work better early on in a campaign, and perhaps best as the foundation for one. The seed puts the group in the position to seek out and recruit talent for companies or organizations either corporate or political, that either cannot, or will not, do it directly. While there is no reason a group with a definite military bent or regional affiliation could not fill this role, I tend to think that it works better with a group of independent business people, with special skills and talents, and a desire to harness those skills to expand and enhance their C-Bill collections.

For this Saturday Seed, imagine the PC group hired to turn a respected senior tech and bring them safely into the employ of new masters.


The players will need to resolve a whole series of issues in order to accomplish such a goal, and this form of aggressive headhunting, or corporate espionage is just one of the many intriguing ways to run a campaign in A Time of War where the need to involve mechs can be wholly absent.

  • Languages – Do they speak the most common languages of the state into which they must travel to make contact with the tech? How well? With what accent?
  • Protocol – Do they know how to get things done? Do they know how things usually get done? Can they get things done without standing out, or making crippling mistakes? Sometimes, insisting that you don’t need no stinkin’ badges, works… sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Connections – do they know the right people who can put them in touch with the right people, that know the sort of people who know the people who your target knows… and will they introduce them?
  • Logistics – What goes up, must come down, but what gets in does not necessarily have the right or power to come back out again… especially with precious cargo in tow. What do they need to know, plan, purchase, bribe someone for, forge, obtain, arrange, and cover for because they expect it to fail?
  • Persuasion – Making an offer a subject cannot refuse is not as easy as it sounds, especially if nothing personal is known about the subject. Is this a negotiation, or an abduction. Enquiring minds ought to know.
  • Greed and Competition – What does this tech know that is worth the time, expense, and risk of this operation? Who else values that knowledge? What have they done about it? Is there anything the PCs can do to sweeten their deal?

To go too much farther makes this more than just a seed, so I will leave it in your hands from here.


Speak your piece~

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