RPG DNA – Truly Memorable Characters

I think some of my best memories of gaming would have to be the truly inspired and/or inspiring characters that players have created for my games.  A project for another day would be one where I list the great characters I have gotten to interact with as a player in others’ games.

In no particular order:

Arto Tekbilek – Aeon Trinity Proteus operative – pacifist, ecstatic dancer. Stickler for detail and the purity of personal experience. Seeker after the stars~   possible madman.

Nightsky Whispers (from the Rock) – Theurge, Stargazer~  road-weary hog-rider, young in body but old in spirit, long in name, but average in stature. Right much more often than he was ever listened to, he never gave up on trying to help. Very often in the right place at the right time and willing to take the consequences for it.

Bloodflyght – Ahroun, Red Talon ~ scourge from the Umbra on the encroachment of man and the Wyrm. His character arc from unthinking killing machine to crafty tactician and survivor was completely unforeseen in the early nights of charging cars on deserted roads to teach lone humans a lesson.

Gordon – Gangrel ~ quiet, deep, and never far from a sledge hammer. Where are you now?

Serge Thibadeau – pilot, French-Canadian, lover of song, dark ale, women, and life. Mostly eaten by a hunting horror on the moors while racing against time to stop a vile cultist.

Marlin Tyrell – wizard, thrill-seeker and loot-taker, guilty of matricide and over-compensation.

Ran – Wolfen envoy to the Dominions of Man, Man-at-Arms, Noble… contracted to a pact with a demonic force. A study in opposites if ever there were one. Caught in the grip of ends being needed to justify means.

(more to come as the mists of memory part)

2 Responses to “RPG DNA – Truly Memorable Characters”
  1. BF Wolfe says:

    Bloodflyght 2, Ford 0 🙂
    He ranks among my favourite characters as well.

    • Runeslinger says:

      The look on your face as you heard the results of your first attempt at ‘tackling’ a passing hatchback was… Prime visa commercial material:

      “Tim Horton’s coffee – large $1.25, Dice $10, Werewolf: the Apocalypse $28.95, look on “BF’s” face as Bloodflyght demolishes a car with his shoulder… priceless”

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