On Diana Jones and the ENNIES

Diana Jones award for what… or is it ‘who’? I don’t follow award shows or prizes, but the Diana Jones award for this year crossed my stream and I noticed with interest the award going to the Actual Play Movement. It is an interesting thing that this award can be presented to an idea, and … Continue reading

#RPGaDay 2018 – Polish Translation

Another translation! This one comes to us from Maciej Jesionowski and we appreciate it a lot. This is another good year of translations for #RPGaDay 2018 to have the prompts once again in Polish! If you can translate the prompts, let us know! #RPGaDay prompts in Polish. CO… 1….kochasz w grach RPG? 2….jest pierwszą rzeczą, na … Continue reading

Day 4: #RPGaDay 2018 – “Memorable”

Weekend: NPC Questions Prompt: Most Memorable In 35 years of gaming I am pretty sure that I have forgotten a lot of NPCs. I have certainly met, made, mulched, and manipulated my fair share of them. One thing that has happened over the years is that patterns (how we humans love or patterns) or types … Continue reading

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